Saturday was a double whammy for us at the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of NSW’s specialty. We had our second outing with our Ruthless Leather stall and it was also my first event as the official club photographer! It was held at Erskine Park which is in the West of Sydney. Every time I’ve been there it’s been stupidly hot and Saturday was no exception. Hence all the panting in the photos! I took over 1250 photos, but the majority are ringside so I won’t post them here.

This is Chato wearing a wide black and antique brass Rocknrolla with a matching lead. I love how it looks on him. It’s strong and masculine without being too macho.

Buster’s owners arranged to have some headshots taken during the lunch-break. Isn’t he stunning? I love his mask. To the right is his “sister”, Missy the Stafford, jumping around in a regular burgundy and silver Asteroid Belt collar with a matching narrow lead. She’s a bit of a clown!!

Of course I made a beeline for every puppy that I saw…

…even if they weren’t Amstaffs!

Hera from Skylarulz also asked me for some headshots of her two boys. On the left is Hemi and Troy is on the right. Apparently he’s always smiling so I didn’t even try to avoid getting tongue shots!

At the end of the day Dutch’s owner asked me to take some stacked shots. When I was finished the leash came off and they had some crazy time. Myself and Dave were laughing our hearts out for about fifteen minutes while they played. They have a great bond and even though they play rough, Dutch knew who was the boss. What a lovely social and well rounded boy he is. A great ambassador for the breed.

I saved the biggest tongue shot of all for last!!

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