…my feet!! For making it through an entire night in high-heels without falling over or getting sore!

Last night the third annual Master Dog Breeders and Associates Dog Owners Choice Awards were held in Sydney. I was nominated for Best Canine Photographer/Artist of the Year. I was also the official photographer at the event so I’d pretty much convinced myself that I wasn’t going to win. How could I? There’d be no one to photograph me accepting my award! When they started reading out the nominees for my category I suddenly felt really nervous cause I thought everyone would look to see my reaction when I didn’t win. When they read out my name I was totally shocked. I gave my camera to Dave with strict instructions not to change anything and to make sure all my limbs were in the shot! The next ten minutes are a blur. I know some nice things were said about me while I was standing on stage and I know I didn’t fall coming down the stairs off the stage, which is always a bonus!

I had to resume photographer duties after that so it wasn’t until we got home that I was able to kick off my uncomfortable shoes and put my feet up and let the good news soak in. We were told to prepare a little speech and I was all set to thank people but I never got a chance to, so I’ll take the opportunity to do it here now! Thanks to all my friends for letting me hone my skills by photographing their dogs time and time again. Thanks to Dave for always supporting me and telling me I’m great even when I think he’s just saying it to be nice! And thanks to my muse, the little baby Chopper, for being the best model a dog photographer could wish for.

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