This photo was taken for the “places where dogs shouldn’t be” challenge in the 52 Weeks for Dogs group on Flickr.

Please don’t read this if you’re easily offended, of a sensitive disposition or generally don’t like stories about pooh!

Chopper’s always had a penchant for pooh. I’ll never forget how grossed out I was the first time I caught him eating dog pooh in the garden. My dog with the licking obsession also eats dog pooh, how revolting!! We learned to be more vigilant with the frequency of our pooh patrols and corrected him when ever he was caught doing it. It seemed to stop … either that or he learned not to get caught!

Our toilet doesn’t always flush properly, so if you do number twosies you have to try and remember to go back and check if it needs a second flush. Well imagine how utterly horrified I was to find Chopper in there one day with half his body in the toilet trying to reach a little left-over pooh nugget. Vile.

These days we make sure to close the lid, but poor Chopper can’t shake off his new nicknames … “shit breath” and “the turd burglar”. Bless.

I apologise if you’re a new visitor to my blog. I assure you this is as bad as it gets!!

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