Ok, so I’m eight days late, but I’ve been very busy making my shiny new blog. Isn’t it pretty?

Apart from the usual “go on a diet”, “eat healthier”, “save money” type resolutions that I make and break every year, I’ve decided to throw in a few extras … which I won’t break. Really, I won’t!!

– I’m embarking on 52 weeks of Chopper again. I started half way through last year and missed several weeks, but this year I’m going to commit to it. The photo above is 1/52. Stay tuned for the next 51!

– I’m also offering my photography skills to any animal rescue groups in or around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I’ve already had two small groups express an interest, but if you know of any others that need help getting photos of their animals to put on adoption websites please tell them to contact me.

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