Angel has so many little quirks, she’s just so stinkin’ cute!

When I take her for a game of fetch in the park and it’s a bit hot out she has this ritual that she thinks is the best fun in the world! In between each throw she likes to run over to the water bowl, dunk the ball in it and then dig up the water and lie down with her foot in it.

It always makes me smile … even if she’s run from the total opposite end of the park to do it with me yelling at her to come back! I swear there’s been times when she’s looked over her shoulder and laughed at me!

And this is her little foot lift, ears pricked thing she does when she’s waiting for me to throw the ball 🙂

It’s adorable, but I’d better not take too long or she’ll jump 5ft in the air and grab it from me, which isn’t too funny when she’s all wet and muddy from digging up the water bowl!!

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