Myself and Dave went to Cairns last weekend for our birthdays. We had a great time relaxing, sightseeing and hanging out with our friends Kim and Shotty. They’ve got three dogs, Meg a 12yo Lab x Cattle, Floyd a 12yo small white fluffy [SWF] and Tank a 4yo SWF. I’ve never been into fluffies, but these two won me over! They’re great little characters and only a tiny bit yappy!

Meg – the ball and food obsessed one!

Meg reminds me of Chopper. She’s constantly on the go. The fact that she’s still like that at 12 years of age really worried me though. I was hoping Chopper would calm down as he matured!!

Floyd – the cute biker chick!

Shotty takes her for motorbike rides. She has her own leather jacket and doggles, very cute 🙂 This is her party piece, she can sit like this for hours!

Tank – the man of the house!

He loves his bean bag!!

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