Chopper was my first foster dog. When he turned into a foster failure it took a long time to convince Dave that it wouldn’t happen again. About two years later we moved house and had dog runs set up and I got “permission” from him to try fostering again. I promised not to keep any more dogs.

Handsome Eddie came and went in less than a week. He was a gorgeous big black Amstaff x Dane [I think?!]. I was sad to see him go, but I have to admit that the house did feel half it’s size when he was here!

Next up was Trixie, a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Within a few short days we realised that she’s not a dog for the faint hearted and she would end up right back in the pound or put to sleep if she went to the wrong home. So we decided the most responsible thing to do was to keep her. Needless to say, this put an end to any more fostering. My husband has also learned that a written contract will need to be in place between us next time! Hehe.

Adding a fourth dog disrupted our pack enormously and the last year has been interesting to say the least. Trixie is a total clown though and she’s worth the extra effort. Last week she had surgery to remove a mass cell tumor. For now she has a clean bill of health, so hopefully she’ll be with us for many more years.

More photos of Trixie can be viewed on Flickr.

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