Welcome to my sooper dooper streamlined blog for all my photography and leather pursuits. My passion for both is inspired by my three brindle boofheads and the snow dog!

I grew up always owning cats. The last dog we had ran away when I was very young … so my parents tell me. I remember our neighbours had a little Yorkshire Terrier called Sparky that I loved. When I moved to Sydney in 2004 I knew I wanted another cat, but I also wanted a little lap dog like Tiger. When my cousin asked us to take Ivan, his 7 year old Siberian Husky, I made a deal with my husband that it was on the condition that I could still get a cat and a lap dog! It wasn’t long before we realised that Ivan and cats weren’t a good combo so I went about looking for my handbag dog!

I didn’t know anything about the importance of getting a dog from an ethical registered breeder or rescue group back then so I was looking in pet shops and in the Trading Post. Somehow the small breed puppy I was looking for turned out to be a 16kg, 1.5 year old, rescue, Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Angel! I fell in love with the breed and went on to foster [and susequently adopt] Chopper, a 10 month old Staffy x. A few years later I tried fostering again, but we ended up keeping Trixie the 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier too.

I majored in photography in college but I ended up taking a different career path. It was when I got a DSLR a few years ago to photograph the dogs with that my passion re-emerged. I love photographing my dogs. Sadly, some are more willing models than others! Some have even learned that if they continue to pull the same miserable face every time I point the camera at them that I will in fact give up and photograph Chopper instead!

My interest in leather craft stemmed from necessity. I couldn’t find any strong and stylish collars for my dogs so I set about learning to make my own. My designs have been well received and I’ve had a lot of interest from people asking to buy one.

Sooooo, now my dogs have full modeling portfolios and are suitably accessorised, it’s time to open for business!

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