It’s funny how many people are in my life because we met on a dog forum over a decade ago – Gemma is one of those people. What’s even funnier about our chance meeting is that she’s from the same town in Ireland as my husband and went to school with his ex. Small world!

She told me recently that she was getting a puppy and I joked that she should fly me up to Townsville to photograph it. She actually thought it was a great idea and we put the wheels in motion. Then, devastatingly, her puppy had a host of serious health issues so the kindest decision was to euthanise him before he even left the breeder. Gemma wanted to go ahead with the shoot anyway since Gus is 12 and has also had some health concerns recently.

The plan was to arrive Friday night, have a sunrise and a sunset shoot on the Saturday and then fly home on the Sunday morning. We were at the mercy of the weather but we did get some nice light between the grey spells and I managed to photograph each one of her SIXTEEN pets!

Here is the full gallery, a digital flip of the finished album and photos my client sent of the finished artworks (which my lab shipped directly to them). Click the cog wheel to select the best resolution available.

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful personality with beautiful artworks for your home please click the button below for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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