A billion years ago (give or take) I was asked to photograph a wedding. I wasn’t keen but it was at home, they owned a lot of dogs and they paid me a lot of compliments about my work so I said yes. These were very much my people so I was delighted when they recently booked an Autumn session for their new rescue dog, Usha.

golden retirever headshot smiling from above

Usha had some confidence issues that were being worked through so his emotional support dog, Alfie the Border Terrier, came along to the shoot. I photographed him at the wedding but I couldn’t resist pointing my camera at him again. He’s such a ham!

border terrier standing in lavender bush
border terrier on wooden bench looking up
golden retriever and border terrier sitting on old stone staircase

Usha is the second Golden Retriever I’ve photographed this year and I’ve found myself falling in love with the breed. Not just because they’re so pretty but they have lovely gentle natures also. I do like having wash and wear dogs though so I’ll probably stick with my short coated breeds.

golden retriever derpy grin lying on stone steps
golden retriever sitting amongst lavender flowers

We went to this location specifically for the Autumn colours. They give Canberra a run for their money!

golden retriever dog standing in front of tree with autumn leaves
golden retriever autumn leaves smiling

It’s often that the action part of the shoot is the favourite part for my subjects. Usha was no exception. He had lots of fun running around as the sun set behind the trees.

golden retriever running with blue toy warm autumn colours

The action shots were my client’s favourites too and now this big acrylic display is hanging in their home.


The collection they chose also includes the digital files and an album, which you can see a flip through of on my instagram.

Very shortly after the shoot Usha had to undergo a total hip replacement and the other one will need to be done in six months time. He’s only a year old. He’s currently in the middle of a very long period of crate rest, so if you have any enrichment tips to share with his owner please feel free to leave them in the comments.

If you’d like me to contact you regarding 2019 Autumn sessions in Sydney or Canberra, click the button below to get in touch.

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