When I decided to do the #SquishyFaceCrew book project it was because I hoped to fill my schedule with shoots just like this one. Not only does Doug have an adorable little squishy face but he also had me in stitches with his antics.

Before I’d even taken my first photo Doug was playing the sand is lava. I wish I’d made a video because it was HILARIOUS! I was glad he’s only little because anything bigger moving that fast and so out of control would have been terrifying. This is the face of a naughty French Bulldog who’s been asked to be still when all he wants to do is zoom!

fawn french bulldog puppy play bow on sand

Did you see this photo on my Facebook or Instagram before I cleaned all the sand and grot off his face? Who knew that one day my job would require me to do that? haha

smiling cheeky fawn frenchie pup

I love this photo so much I squeed when I took it.

fawn frenchie pup standing on wooden sleeper with cute head tilt

looking down on fawn frenchie pup sitting on wooden sleeper

“Are you being served?”

fawn french bulldog standing with front feet on wooden sleeper looking like a bartender

This photo pretty much sums up the shoot for me. It has a full double page spread in the album his owner bought. I’ll post a flip through on my Instagram in a day or two.

fawn french bulldog doing crazy zoomies in the sand

A 20×30″ canvas of this image is currently sitting in my office and I may struggle to part with it.

happy smiling french bulldog running towards camera on sand backlit

cute frenchie dog doing play bow with green ball between feet


handsome fawn french bulldog with black mask headshot with bokeh

I’m not really sure what he was looking at or for but I thought it was a nice image. And his little piglet butt is pretty cute too.

dog looking into the distance with lens flare

Before we adopted Angel (our far from angelic Staffy), about 11 years ago, I wanted a French Bulldog. I remember writing to breeders asking for a fawn one with a black mask. (Understandably, not many of them wrote back!) Doug is exactly what I had in mind. I won’t lie, since meeting him I live in hope that one day his owner will decide to give him to me. May as well dream here as in bed, right? Let’s just say this photo is of him not wanting to go home because he loves me too. Who cares if it’s the truth, it’s a beautiful story with a sad ending!

fawn french bulldog in drivers seat of black car at the wheel

I had so much fun at this session. I drove home feeling pretty sure that I was really going to enjoy making this book. If you own a squishy faced dog and would like to take part you can find all the info on this page: https://www.ruthlessphotos.com//squishyfacecrew-book/

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