It’s been quiet around here while I was having some work done on my websites. Apologies if you subscribe by email and received old posts to your inbox multiple times, it wasn’t my doing! I’m back now and I’ve stockpiled a bunch of posts for you so get ready to be bombarded with dog photos again.

I first met Benson and Milly back in May. There was much texting back and forth trying to decide if the weather was suitable that day and eventually we chose to go ahead. Unfortunately the light was really average so I suggested we shoot again when it was nicer. It wasn’t a total waste of time though, this first image is the one they chose for a large acrylic wall art piece. (It arrived from my supplier today and looks soooooo good!)

two cocker spaniels standing on rocks with big sky

We got the last of the autumn leaves, which were exactly the same colour as Benson’s coat.

golden cocker spaniel dog sitting in autumn leaves smiling with head tilt

Milly looks pretty good amongst them too. Check out the length of her eyelashes! Much envy!

black and white cocker spaniel dog sitting in autumn leaves smiling

I wouldn’t say it was a bad choice to go ahead with the first shoot because having to meet up again meant I got to hang out with these lovely dogs and their even lovelier owners a second time. That pretty light was just the icing on the cake.

happy golden cocker spaniel dog with bokeh

black and white cocker spaniel dog sitting on a rock with bokeh

With the help of two people I managed to get a shot of them sitting together. It was no easy feat!

two dogs sitting on a metal picnic table at park

Winter in Sydney isn’t half bad.

golden cocker spaniel dog standing on wall against blue sky

black and white cocker spaniel dog sitting on wall against blue sky

I enlisted my helpers again (who also happen to be Benson and Milly’s owners) to get the dogs to sit together for a family photo. There was a third helper beside me with their ball. #teamwork

two cocker spaniels sitting between owner's legs at park

And finally they got to do their favourite thing, FETCH!

golden cocker spaniel dog running in park at sunset with ball in mouth

black and white cocker spaniel dog running in park at sunset with ball in mouth

The sunset was intense and as it filtered through the trees I was so happy that I’d invested the extra time to get the job done right.

If you’d like to check out Benson and Milly’s album you can see a digital flip through on my Instagram.

These two are the fifth matching pair of dogs that I’ve photographed this year and I have three more pairs booked in for sessions. Being slightly OCD that really pleases me! Do you have two dogs of the same breed that you’d like to have photographed? Get in touch, I’d love to create some memories for you to treasure.

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