If you’re a long time follower and you’re thinking to yourself that you recognise these dogs, you’re not mistaken. This shoot was Peityn’s third time in front of my camera and Kai and Zari’s second. They weren’t planning on booking me so soon after their last shoot but they were very lucky to win a competition that was run by BlackHawk and the prize was a session with me. They were so excited about winning that they SMS’d me the news before I’d even received the official email from my client!

They were keen to do a sunrise session with off-camera lighting so we met at the ungodly hour of 5.30am at a nice little waterfront location. I started with individual portraits to gently ease everyone into the situation. Seasoned pro Peityn was up first and decided to throw all her prior learning out the window. She really loves making me perform all my tricks!

lilac shar pei in front of sunrise

shar pei on rocks at beach

Although Kai was less than thrilled about the early morning shoot he was very good at just staying where I needed him to be.

blue horse coat shar pei on rock at sunset

blue shar pei headshot

blue shar pei on rocks at beach

Zari was just a tiny puppy last time I photographed her so it was great to see her again, all grown up. She’s so fun to photograph, always eager to please.

funny dog with big ears

black and white dog with big ears at sunrise

border collie mix on rocks at sunrise

When we were finished shooting with the light we packed it away and headed to our second location, the beach.

horse coat blue shar pei standing on rock

apricot shar pei in play bow

“I’ll just wait here until one of my minions gets my ball for me”

lilac shar pei standing on waters edge at beach

blue shar pei running on beach

kelpie x border collie lean dog posing on rock


black and white dog mid flight

We worked with the dogs individually for the majority of the shoot, for pack management reasons, but I made sure to get a couple of group shots as well, even though they were challenging.

three dogs posing with feet on a log

After seeing their gallery my clients decided to get a large framed storyboard, a big album, a medium float block, a phone cover and all the digital files.

I really enjoy getting to put my graphic design schooling to use when creating custom designed albums. Here’s a flip through of the album on Instagram.

If you’d like me to create memories like this of your dogs for you please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

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