Poki’s photos are the result of another wife getting gifted a session voucher for her birthday (she’s #2 of 3, so stay tuned for one more). They live in Tamarama so that’s where we did their session. We met in this great little park and Poki was delighted to see me. She came running over and bounced beside me all the way down the hill. She loves me, I thought, this will be great. But as soon as I produced my camera she died a little inside. She was more than camera-shy she was quite afraid of the beast and didn’t want to be near it. The only choice was to put on a long lens and get her to chase sticks, her all time favourite thing to do!

couple playing with dog and a stick in the park

black dog running with stick in mouth

black dog running in park

After all that running around I was allowed to bring the beast a little closer. But if her person let go of the stick she took it and ran.

black staffy chewing on stick

black dog smiling in bushes

En route to the second location we had to have a quick pit stop at this magnificent orange trumpet vine. Poki had finally agreed that lamb puff made everything ok.

black dog in front of Orange Trumpet Vine

And by ok I mean barely tolerable. Check out the side eye!

dog giving side eye

black dog posing at tamarama beach

So back to running she went. This beach is her back yard and she loves leaping around on those rocks. It really is a dog’s life.

black dog running on rocks at tamarama beach

black dog standing on rocks at tamarama beach

I wasn’t sure she’d be able to cope with the off-camera lighting but by the end of her session she’d cast all her fears aside and was modelling like a pro. Good job Poki.

black dog standing on rocks at tamarama beach at sunset

Poki and her owners came for their ordering session a few weeks ago and chose this framed wall art collection and a few other bits and pieces.


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