We went back to take Kimono and her puppies’ adoption photos yesterday. I was expecting mayhem, but they were all really chilled. Which isn’t surprising, considering how lovely Kimono’s temperament is.

Zen and Kasumi

L-R top row: Kimono, Dashi, Akita and Anzu. Bottom row: Samurai, Emiri, Kazaki and Inari

Dashi. I have a major soft spot for him! And Zen! Oh who am I kidding, I have a soft spot for all of them!!

Miso – the runt of the litter – isn’t shown here as she was at the vet on a drip at the time. She seems to be on the mend now but not out of the woods just yet. There are updates on the Fetching Dogs Facebook page.

While they won’t be ready to be adopted for a few weeks, Fetching Dogs is currently taking applications for Kimono and the puppies.

Disclaimer: I may have got the names wrong. Or not!

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