A few weeks ago I mentioned that Furia was only a temporary model of the regular Decoder collar. The collar was actually made for Taite the Dalmatian to model, but the universe was against us and I didn’t get to meet him until last weekend at the Amstaff Specialty. It was a HOT day, but we found a nice tree to take photos under. Taite is only 10 months old and still full of puppy exuberance, so we kept him on one of our narrow leads for the shoot. His sit, stay was pretty good…

…until I made a noise and then he’d come charging at me! When you’re shooting with a long lens it can be quite frightening!! How I managed to remain on two feet is beyond me!

I only had about fifteen minutes to spare, so it was a quick session, but Taite gave me lots to work with. He has the best facial expressions!

Thank you Tithen and Nathan for allowing me to borrow Taite. It was so lovely to meet you all. I’m now adding a Dalmatian to the long list of dogs I’d like to own some day!

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