When someone lets you borrow their new puppy for two weeks the least you can do is capture his cuteness for them.

I’m doing a course at the moment and needed a puppy for some of it. It was hard for Fetching Dogs to find me just one puppy who’d be the right age at the right time so thankfully my client Anne (you’ll have seen alllll her other dogs on here before and one is currently Mr November if you’ve got my 2023 Blockheads calendar) said I could have Axel. He’s equal parts terror and very good boy. My dogs would say he’s the devil but when he’s not hanging out of their jowls he’s actually quite sweet.

These photos were taken without any helper so he definitely gets 5 stars from me on the modelling front.

Click on the first thumbnail to open the full image and then scroll though the gallery using your arrow keys or the arrow buttons on the left and right of the image.

I’ll still foster a puppy when the right one comes along. I can’t imagine I’ll have to wait too long.

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