I often see friends and clients senior dogs slowing down, and I share this information with them, so I’m putting it on my blog in case it helps others also …


We are extremely fortunate that all our dogs to date have lived long and healthy lives. We put this down to their fresh food diets and our decision to never administer unnecessary chemicals. We didn’t vaccinate unless the titre test indicated it was needed (which has only happened once, with Butters) and we only flea and tick treat if needed. Obviously, do your own research but we don’t live in a tick area and my dogs don’t go to dog parks, daycare or kennels so it’s very rare we need to flea treat.

Chopper and Angel were well into double digits when we started using Antinol. Neither had an arthritis diagnosis and we hadn’t even noticed they’d slowed down until the Antinol put an extra spring in their steps. It was the only supplement we added to their diet so I can confidently say there was a noticeable improvement as a result of using it.

Bruno ran into a pole in our garden when he was 7 and after that he was christened “the dog most likely to hurt himself” because there was ALWAYS something! We don’t know why the biggest dog in the house was also the most delicate but he regularly needed treatment for a soreness of some sort – his back was the most common one but he did an ankle a few times too. He had an MRI when he was 8 but no explanation for his regular back issues could be found.
Here are all the things we gave daily to keep him pain-free:

After a course of four cartrophen injections over four weeks he got one a month for the rest of his life. At one point we tried to see if one every second month would be enough but he got sore again so we went back to monthly. Our vet is amazing and was happy to give us needles to administer at home and just come for a consult at the clinic once a quarter.

There came a time when Bruno was especially sore and none of the above were helping. So we did a series of laser and hydrotherapy treatments at Animal Rehab Klinik in Sutherland and he made a full recovery. Highly recommend them if your dog is in pain and you can’t seem to get to the bottom of it.


Two more things I should mention …

  1. None of these are affiliate links, I make nothing if you buy those products, I’m just providing recommendations based on our own experiences.
  2. We’ve always kept our dogs lean and exercised daily. If you want your dog to live a long, healthy and pain free life those are two very important parts of the puzzle.

I hope you find this information helpful and that your dog feels more comfortable after trying my suggestions.


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