Here’s a photo essay on why we don’t take our dogs to dog parks. Let’s just say their play style wouldn’t be everyones cup of tea (and I didn’t even include any photos where they’re hanging out of each other with mouths full of neck)! So when we heard about Sniffspace, a website where you can rent private fenced land by the hour, we had to check it out. We now make a point of booking one once a fortnight so these hellions can let off some steam … and generally beat each other up.

For a while we didn’t bring Bruno because we thought the other two would break him but mostly we keep him on a long line while he ambles about and we make sure no one crashes into him. He’s currently doing really well on his cocktail of supplements and monthly cartrophen injections and I swear that now that he gets to have these outings – which as a reactive dog with terrible recall he hasn’t been able to have for most of his life – he’s got a new spring in his step!

Click on the first thumbnail to open the full image and then scroll though the gallery using your arrow keys or the arrow buttons on the left and right of the image.

If you’re going to the Dog Lovers Show in Sydney this weekend make sure to visit the SniffSpace stand and enter their promo to be in with a chance to win a photoshoot with me at their Oakdale property. ⁣

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