I first met Toby when he crashed his brother Noah’s Tails of Sydney photoshoot when he was just a baby puppy. When I announced that applications were open for my #SquishyFaceCrew book he was one of the first to sign up. I love this family and was excited to be working with them all again.

He was full of beans when we met at the location so we started with some action photos. He’s pretty fit for a bulldog!

english bulldog with tennis ball in mouth
english bulldog lying down with ball profile underbite
pied bulldog running towards camera

Before he completely wore himself out and the shoot became all tongue we moved on to some posed photos. Someone kindly left that yellow chair in the park, what a lucky find!

english bulldog standing on wooden bench
happy bulldog sitting on yellow chair

As payback for crashing his shoot years beforehand, Noah repaid the favour. Toby didn’t think much of that by the looks of things.

french bulldog and english bulldog lying beside each other on grass

Toby is one of Australia’s most photographed bulldogs. He has the posing thing down pat.

english bulldog sitting in long grass at sunset
pied bulldog on stone steps looking up at camera smiling

You can check out the album his people ordered over on my Instagram here.

I’m wrapping up shooting for this fundraiser project over the next few weeks. I’m on track to have the book ready to ship in November. If you’d like to know when the pre-sale opens you can click the button below to join the ruthlist.

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