Meet Hashbrown! Yes, it is in fact the best puppy name EVER! This is the first of three sessions I’ll be doing with this adorable Corgi over the first year of his life and I hope that makes you as happy as me.

corgi puppy headshot

corgi puppy at the beach

I know I’ve said it before but I think it’s important for me to keep saying it, for the benefit of new readers of my blog – I just love photographing puppies. Especially puppies that sit and stay and head-tilt and generally just make me look good in front of any onlookers.

corgi puppy sitting on rocks

I took precisely eleventy billion ridiculously adorable photos of him running but I know you people are busy so I’ve narrowed it down to just four for this blog post. You may squeee now.

corgi puppy running with red ball


corgi puppy at the beach

corgi puppy running on sand

corgi puppy on beach tugging toy

Corgi puppy or fox cub? Who cares, they’re both cute as all hell!

corgi puppy looks like fox cub

Hashbrown was a little unsure about the light, but reassurance came in the form of stinky treats and he found his groove. How much does the camera love him?!!

unsure corgi puppy

corgi puppy cartoon head

proud corgi puppy standing on rocks

I’d been told at the start of the session that he does this cute sit with his back legs kicked out to the side and his owners said they’d love to get a photo of it. He teased me for the whole shoot but then just as I was about to pack up it happened … wahhhh!

corgi puppy head tilt

Are you getting a new puppy soon or do you know someone who is? I’d love to document it’s first year, let’s talk!

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