It’s been a while since I’ve used my fancy before & after slider. Editing my RAW files has always held just as much enjoyment for me as rolling around in the dirt taking the photos in the first place. People often say to me “I have good gear but my photos don’t look like yours”, it’s pretty much the same as me saying “I have a great oven but my food never tastes restaurant quality”! (And that’s not a hypothetical statement, cooking definitely isn’t my forté.) It’s really important to get the basics right in-camera – composition, expression, exposure, focus – but the fine tuning in Lightroom and Photoshop is what gives my photos that something special that’s unique to me. It’s not a preset or an action, it’s the result of years of practice and learning from mistakes. Much like a good chef.
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Of course, having super gorgeous dogs in front of my lens is a massive advantage when creating a great image! A lot more of Doug and Flynn will be coming soon.
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