As a previous Husky owner and having spent the last couple of years doing adoption photos for Arctic Breed Rescue I didn’t have high expectations of turning up to my shoot with Kara and being met with a cooperative dog – and she didn’t prove me wrong!



In her defense, she’s 15 years old and her senses aren’t what they used to be so she couldn’t hear my silly noises, smell my tasty treats or see me jumping and waving. It was a beautiful evening at a stunning location so I just took my time and tried to make the experience as un-scary as possible for her.



You’re never too old for cuddles with Mummy.


Kara is quite camera shy so when she did eventually look at the camera and smile we all whooped with excitement!


These two have been in each other’s lives for over 15 years. A blind man could see how much they adore each other and I feel very lucky to have been able to capture these moments for Kirsten to cherish forever.


Apparently after they got home that night Kara had no problem hearing that her dinner was ready. Gotta love that selective hearing!

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