A few weeks ago, when there were still 13 weeks left in the year, Serena from Pretty Fluffy invited me to take part in a project. In her words:

“It’s called The 13 Project and it’s all about little ways we can help animals in our daily lives. I’m getting bloggers and animal lovers from across the globe to be involved to help as many dogs as we can.

The premise is simple, with 13 weeks left of 2012, you list 1-13 goals you’d like to achieve to help animals. The whole idea is even the simplest of tasks can make a big difference in a dog’s life and no matter if you have time for one goal or thirteen you can take part!”

As Serena said in her email, I’m already doing a lot of things, but there’s no harm writing them down and adding a couple more. So here goes!

1. Share Axel, Quidditch, Caprica and Dusk’s profiles [pictured above] to help them find forever homes by Christmas
2. Sell all my 2013 fundraiser calendars before Christmas
3. Get Bull Breeds in Need page fans to 5,000 to help reach more people
4. Get Who’s the Bully? page fans to 2,000 to help reach more people
5. Take photos of the Fetching Dogs looking for homes
6. Make Fetching Dogs Christmas cards
7. Donate a photo session, canvas and custom-made collar to a Fetching Dogs fundraiser raffle
8. Help organise a bull breed only training workshop with all funds raised going to Fetching Dogs
9. Give Arctic Breed Rescue images to use in their 2013 calendar
10. Give The Unexpected Pitbull images to use in their 2013 calendar
11. Auction some Ruthless Leather samples and donate the money to Fetching Dogs
12. Plug the secret project I worked on over winter at the end of November when it’s not a secret any more! [This!]
13. Foster another bull breed puppy… or two… am I insane??

I’d love everyone’s help with the first four. All it takes is liking and sharing, it’s not hard, but it will make a difference.

Thanks heaps to Serena for doing this project. Lots of good karma coming your way!

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