What I’m about to show you is one of the luckiest dogs in Australia…

Cameo was born in Victoria. Due to their horrendous laws that kill dogs based on how they look and not their actions, she was a sitting duck. Thanks to the help of way too many people to mention, she found herself a spot in rescue with Fetching Dogs, in foster care with my good friend Mel [owner of Cocoa]. I’ve been flat out with work so it was a struggle to find time to do her adoption photos. Such a struggle in fact that she got adopted before I even got to meet her! I had a slot to fill on my rescued bull breeds calendar though, so we went ahead and did a quick mini-shoot yesterday before she goes to her new home on the weekend.

At only 6 months of age I wasn’t expecting too much obedience, but I was lucky that Mel’s done lots of training with Cameo and she’s also extremely food motivated.

So much pretty. Yet another one I would’ve happily smuggled home! Good luck with your new life little lady. Do us proud.

While I’m on the subject of bull breeds and breed specific legislation, I’d like to invite you all to join the Who’s the Bully page. It’s a new project I’m involved with. We aim to highlight the positives of bull breeds and change the public’s perception of what a bull breed is. But it will also be a support network for the rescues who actively go out of their way to help these breeds, a resource hub for people where we’ll provide factual, intelligent, rational and sensible pieces on all things bull breed. In the near future, we hope to have enough support to help the media understand the level of sensationalism they are helping to create is causing hysteria, and to eventually change things at a political level and hammer it home that the government’s current model of BSL is barbaric and proven not to work.

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