If you’re a fan of my Facebook page you might have seen a whole heap of photos of red and white Amstaff puppies recently! There was Stella and Petey from Puppy Love Rescue and then Bruce and Merlin from Towilla Amstaffs. This is Mack, Bruce and Merlin’s brother. He’s currently winging his way to Western Australia after spending 24hrs here to break up the long journey to his new home.

Him and Bruno had a great time playing together! There’s some footage of them playing tug here and biteyface here.

He can go either way with his ears, he looks equally cute regardless!

While our lot were having their walk with Dave this morning I took some photos of Mack inside. Such a shame he had to leave, I think he would make a great photographer’s muse.

There’s one more video you might enjoy… this is Angel with Mack… what a fruitcake!!

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