A couple of months ago I jokingly posted on Facebook that I wanted someone to find us a pet friendly rental for the Christmas holidays. Due to massive procrastination and several plan changes we’d left it too late to find anywhere. Pet friendly places tend to get booked up a year in advance, so you can only imagine my glee when my new best friend Steph, from Towilla Amstaffs, asked if we’d like to stay on their 40 acre property in the country for 10 days while they were away! All we had to do was mind their dogs. Too easy!

We had a little bit of bad weather to begin with, but for the most part it was lovely and sunny. When the rain cleared Chopper assumed position on the top step to survey his property. Being the sentinel is an important role and he takes it very seriously!

He wasn’t on sentinel duties for the entire holiday. He mixed it up with some fairly intense games of fetch with his partner in crime, Angel.

Angel’s a brat when there’s squeaky ball present. She doesn’t believe in waiting for it to be thrown. If you take too long she’ll just jump up and grab it from the thrower. Naughty, naughty!

Chopper cooled off afterwards with a game of chase the hose.

Angel loves hunting flies. In suburbia it’s only a mild obsession, but put her in the countryside with a gazillion flying things and she’s a lost cause. When she wasn’t eating, sleeping or playing fetch she was hunting. The fact that I managed to get any portraits of her was a huge victory for me!

Of course “big dog” [AKA Trixie] came on holidays too!

Isn’t she a pretty thing?

She even got off her lazy ass and did some ball chasing. [On her own because she doesn’t like to share.] I purposely didn’t say fetch cause that would imply that she brought the ball back!

Nawww, smiley goofy big dog!

Thanks heaps for your generosity Steph and Blue. Your dogs will have a blog post of their own soon!

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