On Monday I dug out my passport, bundled my navigator and husband into the car and headed North! I wanted to photograph some cats and kids for my portfolio and I knew Dru had both, so off we went.

After some tea and cake [nom, nom!] Gracie showed us her ultra swanky cubby house and her bedroom …

… before roping Dave into a game of hide and seek while I took some photos of the cats!

Neville lurrrved attention and would’ve made a great model, but he’s got a bit of an eye infection, so we decided to save his moment in the spotlight for another day.

Wayne’s still only a kitten, but he was great. I’ve never worked with cats before. He was patient and let me dangle food and ribbon in front of his face for ages till I got the shots I wanted!

Gertie wanted in on the action too 🙂

When I went back outside Gracie was still running around with Dave!

Of course the fact that Dru has a young Stafford was another reason I asked myself over!!
Every kid deserves a Stafford 🙂

And a Saint Bernard too maybe!!

Thanks Dru and Gracie and Norman and Esme and Gertie and Neville and Wayne and Trevor for a fun afternoon!

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