#SFC application

Due to the limited number of spots up for grabs, and to ensure that there are a wide variety of dog breeds in different colours featured in my #SquishyFaceCrew book, there is an application process.

– Your dog needs to be a pure or mixed breed brachycephalic dog with a wrinkly, squishy face.
– Your dog needs to have basic obedience training, be calm and confident in busy and unfamiliar surroundings and can not be camera shy. (Baby puppies aren’t expected to be well trained.)
– You need to be available on some weekdays.

Session Times
Sessions will predominantly be scheduled in the two hours before sunset, Monday to Friday.

Locations will be assigned by Ruth. No sessions will take place at your home (unless a full Portrait Session is booked).

Application Form
Please complete all fields that are marked with an asterisk. The photo you upload should be under 2mb.

First Name*

Last Name*


Phone Number*


How many dogs do you wish to include?*

Dog One's Name*

Dog Two's Name

Dog Three's Name

Dog Four's Name

Please tell me about your dog(s)?* (breed or type, colour, age, temperament, training, quirks, etc.)

Please upload a photo of your dog(s)?* (if you're applying with two or more dogs they all need to be shown together in the one photo)

What's your availability?*

Are you committed to investing in prints and/or wall art from your shoot?* (Fine art print collections and wall art start at $550.)

How did you hear about Ruthless Photos?*

Please only click the "apply" button once. Uploading the photo may take time depending on your internet speed.

If you’ve completed all the required fields and your photo is under 2mb but the form won’t submit it may be that your email address appears spammy (particularly Hotmail addresses). Please either try using a different email address or put my email address in that field (info@ruthlessphotos.com) and add yours at the end of your reply in the “tell me about your dog” field. I respond to every single application I receive, so if you don’t hear from me it means I didn’t get your application or that you need to check your spam folder.

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