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Is my dog suitable for a photo session?
If your dog is excitable, reactive, nervous, camera-shy or all that and more they are still suitable. My years of volunteering for rescue groups mean that I have worked with every obedience level and character trait known to man! I have never met a dog that I couldn’t photograph.

My dog doesn’t even know sit, can you still take photos of it?
Yes, I can (see answer above), but if your dog knows some basic obedience it will really add to the whole experience.

My dog can’t be off-lead, will that be an issue?
Not at all. 90% of the rescue dogs I work with can’t be off-lead either, it doesn’t prevent me from getting great photos.

What age should my dog be?
Any age at all! I have lots of experience with puppies and I highly recommend booking a session while they’re still young as they grow up so fast (Puppy’s First Year sessions are ideal for new parents). Puppy school graduates are my favourite as all that learning is still fresh in their brain. I photograph dogs young and old though, please don’t let their age be a deciding factor. One piece of advice I do have is don’t put it off. Many of my clients tell me that their last dog died unexpectedly and they regret not getting photos done.

Do you photograph other pets?
I do indeed but I’m best known in canine circles so the majority of my bookings do tend to be for dog sessions.

Can my whole family be in the photos?
Family can be included in one or two photos, but I’m a pet photographer so my main focus will always be on my furry subjects.

Can we do the shoot at home?
If you live in a home that has a beautiful garden with nice light and space to run then I’m definitely open to that idea!

What if the weather is bad?
Light plays a huge part in the photos I take. If there is rain or a lot of cloud cover forecast we’ll need to reschedule. I also don’t shoot in high temperatures or strong winds as, in my experience, your dog won’t be comfortable and that will be reflected in the photos from the shoot. My number one goal is to get the best possible images for you so sessions may need to be rescheduled more than once, particularly during stormy summer months.

Is off-camera lighting included in all of your Portrait Sessions?
No, it’s only suited to certain locations and there’s also a $200 surcharge to cover the cost of hiring an assistant.

My dog is sick, can you fit in a last minute booking?
Where possible my scheduling can be adjusted to accommodate urgent sessions for pets that are terminally ill.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I am completely flexible with my interest-free payment plans. You can pay as much or as little as you want, per week, fortnight or month. The product order will go into production once the final payment is made. Don’t want to wait? I also accept credit cards.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes, I do. It’s $800 for a portrait session for one pet plus $550 credit (which is my minimum spend requirement). You can buy vouchers in my online store:

I won a Ruthless Photos voucher in a competition, will I get pressured into buying more than the voucher is worth?
Absolutely not! I only ever donate vouchers that include a sizeable piece of art so if you win one you can be assured that it’s not a ploy to make you spend money with me. Of course, if you love your images you are welcome to order from my range of beautiful high quality products, but there’s no obligation to. My business has been built on an ethical foundation and I’m 100% transparent in all of my transactions. No sneaky surprises or hard sells are in store for you (or any of my clients). Check out my testimonials page to see what some of my clients have had to say about their Ruthless Photos experience.

Do you ever come to any other cities?
With four dogs of my own and two other businesses I very rarely travel for work or pleasure! Occasionally I can have my arm twisted but I need a minimum number of sessions booked to make it worthwhile and a commitment from each client to purchase a collection (collections start at $1900 and are in addition to the session fee).

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