Tails of Sydney pre-sale launched

November 7, 2016 | Leave a reply

Tails of Sydney book cover

Dog lovers (and friends and family of dog lovers) I invite you to the Tails of Sydney pre-sale!


From now until midnight on 13th Nov 2016 you can purchase one book for $80, two books for $70 each or three (or more) books for $60 each. After that books will be $100 each.

Books will ship in mid-December and pre-Christmas delivery to domestic addresses is guaranteed.

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Hashbrown the Corgi (1/3) | Sydney Puppy Photos

October 27, 2016 | Leave a reply

Meet Hashbrown! Yes, it is in fact the best puppy name EVER! This is the first of three sessions I’ll be doing with this adorable Corgi over the first year of his life and I hope that makes you as happy as me.

corgi puppy headshot

corgi puppy at the beach

I know I’ve said it before but I think it’s important for me to keep saying it, for the benefit of new readers of my blog – I just love photographing puppies. Especially puppies that sit and stay and head-tilt and generally just make me look good in front of any onlookers.

corgi puppy sitting on rocks

I took precisely eleventy billion ridiculously adorable photos of him running but I know you people are busy so I’ve narrowed it down to just four for this blog post. You may squeee now.

corgi puppy running with red ball

happy running corgi puppy

corgi puppy at the beach

corgi puppy running on sand

corgi puppy on beach tugging toy

Corgi puppy or fox cub? Who cares, they’re both cute as all hell!

corgi puppy looks like fox cub

Hashbrown was a little unsure about the light, but reassurance came in the form of stinky treats and he found his groove. How much does the camera love him?!!

unsure corgi puppy

corgi puppy cartoon head

proud corgi puppy standing on rocks

I’d been told at the start of the session that he does this cute sit with his back legs kicked out to the side and his owners said they’d love to get a photo of it. He teased me for the whole shoot but then just as I was about to pack up it happened … wahhhh!

corgi puppy head tilt

Are you getting a new puppy soon or do you know someone who is? I’d love to document it’s first year, let’s talk!

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2017 calendars and diary | Sydney Dog Photographer

October 10, 2016 | Leave a reply

I’m delighted to finally be able to announce my 2017 calendars and diary pre-sale. Almost all of the photos are actual adoption photos. I put a lot of time and effort into my rescue shoots throughout the year and the pay-off is the ability to produce calendars and a diary which raise important funds that help Fetching Dogs to rescue, in some cases rehabilitate, and rehome dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. 100% of the profits from the sale of these items goes directly to them.

Rescued Blockheads 2017 calendar

2017 pitbull calendar

2017 pitbull calendar

Due to my busy Tails of Sydney shooting schedule this year quite a few blockheads that came into care got adopted before I was able to do their profile photos, so the calendar isn’t made up entirely of adoption photos this year. Two blockheads that were adopted from Fetching Dogs, who will be appearing in the Tails of Sydney book, were included in the calendar – Codex and Angus. The big boofy rednose wasn’t adopted from Fetching Dogs, he’s a Renbury Farm boy, but he does belong to a Fetching Dogs foster carer so he got the important role of Mr June 2017. My gorgeous Bruno has made a return as Mr December.

Joining the family this year is a brand new calendar, for those that prefer a less breed specific doggy calendar.

Rescued 2017 calendar

2017 rescue dog calendar

2017 rescue dog calendar

Both of these calendars are A3 with silver spiral binding and a hanger. The covers are double-sided and printed on a beautiful 300gsm stock. The internal pages are printed on 150gsm and have plenty of room for writing birthdays, appointments, hot dates, etc. on each day. They come shrink wrapped and are posted in rigid mailers for protection.

Fetching Puppies 2017 diary

2017 rescue puppy diary

Gypsum’s ear isn’t actually cut off on the diary cover, just on this blog template picture.

2017 rescue puppy diary

The diaries are A5 with silver spiral binding. The covers are double-sided and printed on 400gsm stock with a gloss laminate. The internal pages are printed on 128gsm and are week to view. There’s also a yearly overview for 2017 at the start and 2018 at the end.

Where can I buy them?
They’re available to buy either on the Fetching Dogs online store or at Rupert&Dora in Paddington.


How much?
$25 each +p&p. International shipping available.

These are very limited edition and sell out quickly every year, so buy yours early to avoid disappointment, and because I love repeating myself every year … these make great Christmas presents!!

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adopt me 08.16 | rescue dog photography

October 9, 2016 | Leave a reply

Through professional photography, Western Digital is aiming to raise awareness for pet adoption and the wonderful work being done by animal rescue groups around the country. I was very lucky to have been commissioned to create professional images of some Fetching Dogs to capture their personalities and help get them adopted. You can check out the nationwide campaign on social media by searching this hashtag > #WDPets

They also sent me a battery powered storage device with wifi called My Passport Wireless Pro which will be perfect to use when I’m travelling.

In my last adoptables post I mentioned that several puppies were at the emergency vet being treated for parvo. Unfortunately one didn’t make it but the four survivors are the main image at the start of the gallery below. Thank you to everyone that contributed to their treatment.

If you received this blog post by email, please click on the heading to open in a web browser so you can view the gallery properly. Click on the first image to open and then scroll using the next and back buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

A number of these dogs and puppies have already been adopted but if you head over to the Fetching Dogs website you’ll find a current list of their available dogs and you can read their profiles. Don’t forget to share this post, the sooner these dogs are adopted the sooner more lives can be saved.

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Rogue the Husky | Sydney Pet Photographer

If you’ve seen me blog a photoshoot with a Husky before chances are it was one of Rogue’s pack. I’ve photographed seven of Kirsten’s dogs to date – Kirra, Kara, Pepe, the twins, Esme and finally Rogue. She was saving the best until last. (The best and I dare say her favourite!) After the twins were as bratty as a pair of teenage Huskies could be at their Tails of Sydney shoot we decided to wrap it up and try again another day with golden child here. He’s been attending regular training sessions since he was adopted about 18mos ago and all their hard work has moulded Rogue into a really lovely dog. The first part of this is some photos from his Tails of Sydney shoot at Nurrangingy Reserve (but I saved the best for the book, which will be going to print very soon).

siberian husky standing on picnic bench

siberian husky with bi-coloured eyes

siberian husky chinese gardens

siberian husky chinese gardens

siberian husky in front of bridge

smiling siberian husky at lake

The rest of the photos in this post are from Rogue’s official portrait session, a few weeks later.

happy siberian husky beside rural wooden fence

derpy husky

We were so lucky with the sky that day. How pretty are all those clouds?

siberian husky on log with dramatic sky

siberian husky with cloudy sky

siberian husky on log with dramatic sky


smiling siberian husky on log from above

It’s extremely rare that I get to photograph Huskies that can be trusted off-lead. Rogue is no exception. I thought we might still be able to do some play photos with this new toy I gave him but he was way more interested in food and the possibility of earning some.

siberian husky with blue ball and stormy sky

He did show me his new trick though. I was impressed!

siberian husky begging or sitting pretty

I didn’t get a chance to photograph the order before it was collected today but here’s a composite of the 20×30″ framed wall art. There’s a page turn of Rogue’s album on my Instagram.


Do you love your dogs as much as Kirsten? I can create equally beautiful memories for you too, let’s talk!

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