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Since the start of the year I’ve been completely engrossed in redesigning the Ruthless Leather website. I’ve done a few WordPress sites in the last few years and thought “what’s one more?”. Making an e-commerce website is a pretty mammoth task compared to a blog or a portfolio site. It was incredibly stressful, took way longer than anticipated and cost a small fortune but today I finally got to turn off the holding page and give it life!

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the process was this little personal project I set myself to create hero images for the homepage showing that we dress dogs of all breeds and sizes. I bought studio lights back in August but hadn’t done much with them yet. I hired an ex-teacher of mine from a lighting course I’d done years ago to come and do some mentoring to refresh me on the basics. With his guidance I was able to create these unique images to showcase our collars and inject some colour and style into the website. It was quite a journey in itself though.

My baby boy was first up and luckily for him looking at the camera wasn’t a requirement on the day!


I think I got lucky with my first attempt, because when I went out a few days later with Jax I wasn’t quite so successful. This was the best of a bad bunch, with a lens flare right on top of the collar.


I knew I could do better, so I waited for an evening with some clouds in the sky and tried again. Success!


Except, it was actually a fail, because I needed an image I could put type over and the clouds were too textured to work with a white type overlay. So on the morning of his last day with us we took him down to the beach for a sunrise shoot and managed to get him to pull almost exactly the same face again in front of a more overlaid type friendly sky.


Tofu Pow‘s photo was another one that took a couple of attempts to get right (I was very committed to this project!).


I didn’t like the sky from my first shoot. It was pretty grey. I tried pumping some colour into it in post, but it looked really fake and Tofu’s expression was a bit weird so I arranged a reshoot. A new location nearby provided a better ground to sit Tofu on and I was able to include the sun just before it set for the day. Don’t worry, Tofu was handsomely paid in treats and cuddles afterwards. His world didn’t end!


Thanks to the power of Facebook, and knowing everyone with anything to do with dogs (not quite, but close), I was able to get Rubens to represent giant dogs and show that we make collars for dogs of all sizes. His owner drove him all the way into the city to pose on the back streets of Enmore in front of this awesome bit of graffiti. Every person and car that passed slowed down to gasp at him (I’ll admit I gasped when I first saw him too)! It was a tough gig but he handled it like a pro.


Now that Ruthless Leather has a new website it also has it’s own blog (which you’ll be able to subscribe to by email shortly) so there won’t be any more leather posts on here (unless they’re photography related).

Happy Birthday to us!!!

Today is the fourth anniversary of the launch of and to celebrate, not only have I dragged this old photo of none of my dogs or our long since adopted foster dog wearing Ruthless Leather collars out of the archives, we’re also giving away a free 4ft lead with every collar purchased from our website today.


You don’t have to do anything to redeem this great birthday offer, just order and pay for a collar before midnight today (1st April 2014) and we’ll include a 4ft lead, that matches the collar you bought, with your order.

It’s high time I put some leather work on this blog! It’s been a long time since the last update, so I’ve got lots to show you. I hope you’re sitting comfortably.

We introduced the Nautilus in June of last year, but I seem to have neglected to share it here. It features steampunk conchos and a series of contrasting round spots.

Were you wondering if it would work on brown leather with a nameplate? Wonder no more.

A few years ago we co-designed the Lone Rocker with a client. It was so popular that another company decided to steal the design and mass-produce it. Beware of cheap imitations, ours is still the original and the best, is handmade in Australia and comes with a ten-year guarantee. Here’s a wide Lone Rocker with a nameplate and matching lead.

Please note, due to the added nameplate, this collar is a customised version of the design. Ordinarily there would be six stars and clusters of six pyramids.

Another design that’s been a firm favourite with our customers is the Asteroid Belt in all it’s many permutations.

Nikki the Borzoi won her Asteroid Belt with bling training collar and matching lead at The Good Dog Easter Parade in Balmain a few months ago. On the right is a regular Lunatic in burgundy and silver with clear reflectors and a nameplate, plus matching lead, for a Kelpie that does competition obedience.

The Urban Cowboy has been on our site for quite some time, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that we added photos to the wide listing. I was waiting for the perfect blue eyed Husky to model it and Vai from Arctic Breed Rescue fit the bill.

Speaking of Huskies, these two custom hand-stamped collars with matching leads are now being sported by two Sydney bears – Athena and Salt.

Another one we’ve been getting a lot of orders for is the Diddley Eye. These sets were both for Finnish Lapphunds, in different states, owned by people that don’t know each other!

Our lovely foster dog Jackson was recently adopted, but while he was here he was put to work modeling client orders. This is a Divadog in brown, chestnut and brass with a standard leash.

During our birthday promotion back in April we received this order for Carlos the French Bulldog – a narrow Rocknrolla training collar in chestnut and brass. I love this collar so much, it really pained me to hand it over!

And while we’re talking about bulldogs in chestnut and brass collars, here’s Sophie in her wide No Frills with no centre d-ring. She wasn’t remotely interested in cooperating with the photographer.

All Breeds Dog Training in Sydney have been selling our leads to their clients for almost as long as we’ve been in business. As a long overdue thank you we made this custom collar for their Amstaff, Chilli. It’s based on the Sweetheart, but it’s 2″ wide [tapering to 1.5″ at the buckle] and has no conchos.

We have a new product that we just launched today – the Heart Throb! It’s 1-1/4″ wide and features these beautiful bling encrusted heart conchos [in pink or blue] with round spots and Swarovski crystals. Pictured is the training collar version, but it’s also available as a regular flat collar.

Cocoa’s owner also got a modified three-way leash that can be worn around her waist. You can check it out here.

And last of all, a couple more facts…

Our full album of facts can be seen on our Facebook page here.

If you’re still not convinced that you need some Ruthless Leather in your life, you can read these glowing testimonials!

Welcome to the second update of 2012 – no fear of us being accused of spamming. Quality, not quantity!

The collar we made for Gollom the Bull Mastiff was such a hit we decided to add a Go GIANT! option to our wide collars section. Oh, did you even notice the collar or were you too busy falling in love with that big wrinkly face? I know the feeling!

Another stunning collar model I had the pleasure of photographing was Nugget the Staffy in our latest design, The Clockworker. It’s another steampunk inspired number with cogs, aged silver spots and black gems.

The Braveheart training collar isn’t a new design, but this is the first time it’s been photographed. Cocoa stepped up to the plate again. She’s such a great model. Probably because her owner is a dog trainer!

Some more from the “did you know” series…