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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Some time ago Ava’s people entered a draw at the Vitapet stand at The Dog Lovers Show. The prize was a Ruthless Photos voucher and they were lucky enough to win it. Being a busy family it took a few attempts to schedule the shoot and when the time came I was in the middle of shooting my Tails of Sydney book. Since they requested a location that wasn’t scheduled to be included I decided that if Ava gave me the goods I’d feature her in the book. I didn’t tell her until afterwards though, in case she cracked under the pressure!

We met at Rushcutters Bay, which is their local park. I was warned that Ava’s Beagle nose could take over and she’d run away in search of food. Being a lovely warm weekend afternoon there were lots of people picnicing so, even though she was very interested in the food I had to offer, she needed to be tethered to create enough space for my lens to focus. A mere 2ft wasn’t a lot to ask.

beagle mix at rushcutters bay park in sydney

Having to exercise some patience was confusing for her …

beaglier lying down with funny lip

… and somewhat devastating.

sad dog on bench

So we unclipped her and let her be free to run around. She doesn’t have a perfect recall but she’s extremely food motivated so we were able to get her to run between two food-holding people to ensure no picnics were ruined in the making of these action shots!

running dog with big ears

dog running at rushcutters bay park in sydney

Rushcutters Bay Park has lots of lovely big paperbark trees, which is the natural habitat of the Beagle x Cavalier. I jest, but she did look pretty good amongst all that textured bark.

sad dog in tree

When she was finished in the tree we took her down to the waterfront for some sunset photos. There were so many dogs in that small space on the jetty I’m amazed that no one fell in (especially me) and even more amazed that devon can trump the amount of distractions that were going on behind me.

beaglier dog at water with boats in the background

These last two images are the ones they chose for wall art – a 16×20″ canvas and a 30×45″ metal print. I only included the drooling shot because I thought it was funny but the whole family loved it and it nearly got voted for the kitchen wall (which I was silently rooting for) but the other one won out in the end and drooly Ava is in the hallway instead.

drooling dog

dog sitting in front of sydney skyline

Here’s the finished piece hanging in their kitchen, it looks SO cool. With all the big windows in the space the metal is a great substrate as there are no reflections interfering with the image.



If you’d like to read more about Rushcutters Bay and Ava (and 84 other locations and 116 other dogs) you can buy a copy of my book Tails of Sydney. It’s packed full of content that took a year to produce and every book that’s sold helps raise funds for three local dog rescue groups. You can order yours today from my online store:

I was asked to do a pro-bono job for Sydney Dogs and Cats Home recently. The brief was to create minimal studio images which could be used on promotional material for an upcoming gala event. Since I love working with puppies I asked them to send a couple my way. I was in fact sent nine, so I had a variety to choose from! They had a bit of a drive to get to me so, when they arrived, I suggested we take them straight outside to go to the toilet. I sat down on the edge of the deck while I watched them enjoy a lawn for the first time (their carer has no grass) and before I knew it these five week old puppies had worn themselves out and were starting to fall asleep! I did have a sleepy puppy pile photo in mind but I was going to do that at the end, after the awake shots. With pet photography, especially baby animal jobs, you need to adapt, so I let the sleepy puppy theme run for the whole shoot. What choice did I have?!

yawning puppy on black background

tired puppies on black background

tired puppies on black background

tired puppies on black background

sleepy puppies on black background

sleepy puppies on black background

sleepy puppies on black background

sleeping puppies on black background

pile of sleeping puppies

I did manage to get at least one awake photo of each of them.

puppies on black background

All the puppies have since been adopted.

SDCH are one of the beneficiaries of the money raised by my Tails of Sydney project. Pre-order your copy today to support SDCH, Fetching Dogs and ABR.

It’s high time I blogged all of these adoptables that I photographed in the last few weeks. This post is merely for you all to look at and enjoy though. No sharing is required because everyone has been adopted!! Hooray for being able to use my powers for good.

I’ve been so busy with my Tails of Sydney book that I never mentioned our foster puppies on the blog. They came and went so quickly, but that’s them at the start of the gallery. Not the Saints, I’m not that mad! The two brindle pups that were photographed on my deck (as well as in the park, on the day I stole them from Saving Staffies!).

If you received this blog post by email, please click on the heading to open in a web browser so you can view the gallery properly. Click on the first image to open and then scroll using the next and back buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Since there are no homeless puppies for you to share this time around maybe you’d like to share this post instead? All money raised from their sale goes directly to Fetching Dogs to help them with the invaluable work that they do. I’m going to go there again … they make great Christmas presents!

Tails of Sydney book cover

Dog lovers (and friends and family of dog lovers) I invite you to the Tails of Sydney pre-sale!

From now until midnight on 13th Nov 2016 you can purchase one book for $80, two books for $70 each or three (or more) books for $60 each. After that books will be $100 each.

Books will ship in mid-December and pre-Christmas delivery to domestic addresses is guaranteed.