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Monthly Archives: October 2015

I’ve had a busy month with volunteer work – not just taking photos, we’ve also been fostering a puppy. When I went to photograph Sana (tan pup, red collar) and Ibiza (choc pup, pink bandana) I met Mariachi (black and white puppy) and ended up taking him home to foster. I regret nothing, he’s such a good puppy! I’ve so much work on it hasn’t left much time to take photos of him, apart from a few for his adoption profile (which BROKE THE INTERNET!!), but I intend to rectify that before he gets adopted.

Other dogs I photographed are Dare, Strike and Bubbles for Arctic Breed Rescue. Molly for Saving Staffies. China, Piccola, Sana, Ibiza and Mariachi for Fetching Dogs. Apart from Sana and China who’ve since been adopted and Mariachi who’s on hold while they wade through his sea of applications, all the other dogs and puppies are still waiting to be adopted.

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Everyone likes dog photos, do your friends a favour and share this around. Go on, it’s Friday, they’ve had a long week!

In my client’s own words … “We chose the fabulous Ruth O’Leary from Ruthless Photos to photograph our two reprobates. After Kela’s near death experience and Kodiak’s recent health issues, we didn’t want to not have photos. Ruth has done a stunning job and this is why we chose her. Anyone who can get four huskies to look at the camera at the same time has to be a miracle worker. When we saw that shot we said this is the woman for us!”

The owners of these two beautiful creatures also run AMRAA – Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia (support them, they do great work!!). We met at a park near where they used to live, I never even knew it existed! I’ve lived here for nearly 11 years and there’s still so much of Sydney that I have yet to discover. Kela has been attacked a number of times so, understandably, she’s more comfortable when there are no other dogs around. This spot was ideal, we had it all to ourselves. Kodiak is the first blind dog that I’ve ever worked with. Luckily for me there’s not a thing wrong with his sense of smell so I was still able to use treats to get him to look at the camera. We did a number of photos in this leafy area, where the sun filtered beautifully through the trees, before driving to the coast to do some sunset shots.

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Their order is currently at the lab so I can’t share it with you yet. There is a digital flick through of their album on my Instagram account though >

Ellen wasn’t looking to adopt a rescue puppy but then along came Axel, the runt of the litter, and he stole her heart. When she told me in her email that he was a German Shepherd x Rottweiler I formed a mental image in my head of what he might look like. It turned out to be 100% accurate! He’s only three years old and such a lovely, gentle, creature. We had a really nice hour together in the park. Typically my sessions go for 1.5-2hrs, but Axel decided that he was done after an hour, so he lay down with his back to the camera and nothing I had to offer him was going to make him budge. He’s very lucky that he gave me the goods in the first hour so I was able to let him have things his way. I got an early mark and he got to sleep the whole drive back home to the Central Coast – win/win.

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As she left her viewing session Ellen said “we’ll probably only ever do this once, so we wanted to do it properly”. I’m so grateful that I get to work with such amazing pet lovers who appreciate and value the images of their loved ones that I create. The last photo in the gallery is the wall collection that will be hanging on their wall for many years to come. Exactly where that handsome face belongs.

I tend to rely on the owner’s pre-session questionnaire to gauge if I need to allow extra time to desensitise my subject to the camera or not but I recently learned that some owners have no idea that their dog is camera-shy until they’re faced with big lenses such as mine. So, prior to starting Bailey’s session I sat down on the ground and spent some time getting to know him. Before I even took my camera out he was shying away from me and sticking to his owners like glue. He likes his food so with massive amounts of time and patience I managed to get him to work with me. We started on the bridge where he was tethered to keep him in place. Once I knew I had a few keepers in the bag I suggested letting him have a run around with his ball. He was definitely happier when things were on his terms. After he’d run off some steam and my bum was sufficiently soaking wet from sitting on the grass we put him up on the bench for some more posing. His owner was never far away, to prevent him from getting stressed. Then I realised that he was much more relaxed on her knee so we did some photos of them together. He even got a neck massage for his efforts which completely turned him into marshmallow!

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The last image in the gallery is the wall collection that they chose at their viewing session last weekend. They’ll take pride of place on their living room wall where they belong, not on a USB stick in a drawer somewhere.

Since my last update I’ve had the pleasure of working with all these really great dogs. First up is Nirvana from Fetching Dogs. He’s a photographer’s dream and I would absolutely be adopting him if we weren’t already full to the brim here. The next three are Coco, Maggie and Tilly from Saving Staffies. They were all adopted very soon after their photos went onto PetRescue. The next intake of poundies have arrived already and are patiently waiting for their glamour shoots. And last, but far from least, is Canobi who is also with Fetching Dogs. Him and Nirvana are still waiting to be adopted so if you could share this blog post around it would be really helpful.

If you received this blog post by email, please click on the heading to open in a web browser and view the gallery as it was intended.

If you enjoy looking at my photos of rescue dogs stay tuned for details of an exciting project that I have in the works …