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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Before I went for my knee operation I squeezed in a session with Altair from Arctic Breed Rescue and two thirds of his foster family (not including the three furry ones) for a PetSTOCK / PetRescue PR campaign. One of the photos was used in the paper today, but it was heavily cropped and uncredited so now seems like a good time to share these with you all. Altair is still looking for a home, so if you know anyone looking to adopt please share this post far and wide.

To open the gallery click on the first image, then use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move back and forth.

For those taking notes at home: Altair doesn’t have a reliable recall so he was kept onlead for the entire shoot, even the running shots. If you’re putting off having your dog photographed because they can’t be off lead, don’t, it’s not an issue that will prevent me from getting great shots. So get in touch today, let’s talk!

I first met Leo’s owner at the Dog Lover’s Show last November. She bought a voucher for a portrait session and ordered a Ruthless Leather collar for her dog. When she showed me a photo of Leo I was gobsmacked by his gorgeousness and couldn’t wait to meet him. I must have jinxed myself with my eagerness as wait was exactly what I had to do! Due to various reasons beyond my control we didn’t get to have our session until August. Kelly told me the dates for the week she was available and I chose the first one so we’d have an opportunity to reschedule if the weather was no good. That day was my birthday, but I didn’t care because I was so excited to meet this handsome boy that I couldn’t think of any other way I’d like to spend it. Leo was so great, an absolute dream to photograph. It turned out to be one of my most enjoyable birthdays to date.

To open the gallery click on the first image, then use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move back and forth.

We had our viewing and ordering session last weekend and Kelly chose my Deluxe Collection. I’ve included a composite of the 20×30″ canvas that will be part of it but you’ll need to keep an eye on my Instagram account for a video flick through of the album. It’s going to be bea-uuuuuuuuu-tiful!


Today is world suicide prevention day and r u ok day. Suicide is preventable, yet, sadly, 2,500 Australians die by suicide every year and more than 60,000 make an attempt. If someone in your life is struggling with mental health issues and you don’t know how to talk to them about it please read this helpful instructional on how to ask someone “are you ok?”.

Studies show that owning an animal can help people with mild to moderate depression to feel better. Here’s a list of ways.

If you’re struggling today and don’t have a furry friend to hug, you could head down to your local shelter and squeeze one of the many homeless animals there. Choose carefully though, not all animals are huggers!