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Monthly Archives: December 2014


I’ll be spending the rest of the year working on my business and not taking many photos, so before I get offline (who am I kidding, I’m never offline!) I’ll leave you with this Season’s Greeting. Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the year. I hope you all have a wonderful festive season and get to spend lots of time with your two and four legged loved ones. I’ll be back in January with my best of 2014 x

I was going to wait until I’d done a proper on-location shoot with Jax before I introduced him to my blog followers, but I included him our Christmas photo so if I didn’t do this post people might think we’d totally lost the plot and adopted a fifth dog!


Most puppies that pass through here are fosters, but Jax isn’t, he’s very much owned and loved. There was a sudden death in his family so an urgent call went out for someone to mind a quiet Rottweiler puppy for a couple of months while his owner was unable to. Dave and I love the breed and were in a position to say yes, so we did. The little man arrived exactly two weeks ago, got straight into the paddling pool and has been somewhere between soaking wet and damp ever since. He loves it!




Like most puppies that spend time living here Uncle Bruno is the favourite. Probably because he’s still a big puppy himself.


Poor Uncle Bruno is covered in little scabs from puppy nips. He doesn’t care, so I’m trying realllllly hard not to either. But NOT THE FACE Jax!!

I had my lights set up for the Christmas photo yesterday so before packing them away I did a mini shoot with Jax on the dining room table. What? Doesn’t everyone take photos of their dog on the dining table??



Bruno, who had no interest in having his photo taken before now, suddenly felt very left out. So I let him join his little friend in the limelight.



We’re not sure how long mister man will be staying with us, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last you see of him on here.

Back in October I got a very desperate sounding email asking if I could fit in a session as soon as possible with Sooty the fourteen year old Kelpie mix. I thought the worst, but was relieved to find out that it was because one of her people was heading overseas for a long work contract and wanted photos of her to bring.


Sooty suffers from bad arthritis, but she was having a good day and boy is she food driven, so she was very easy to work with.


Lucy is considerably younger and wasn’t really too sure about the whole modelling malarkey.


I had to be quick with the treats or she got bored and wandered off.


The tide had come in quite far when I was doing this shot and despite trying really hard to dodge the crashing waves I failed a bit miserably and ended up doing the rest of the shoot in wet shoes. It was worth it though!


After the rocks we moved on to another location with more light, because you all know how I love a bit of flare and bokeh.




Sooty’s owners asked for a beach location because, despite her age, she still enjoys a run in the sand. So, as the sun set, that’s exactly what she did.



And we wrapped it up with one last shot of all the girls together.


The weather in Sydney has been nothing short of awful for the last few weeks. I’m having quite major photography withdrawals. The blog may be quiet for a while until I can start scheduling sessions again. Hopefully this little glimpse of sunshine will tide you over until then.

Like I posted on my Facebook page after Thelma’s session … people that book me because they’re having a destination wedding and they want their dog to be included in the slideshow played at it, are definitely my kind of people!

Meet Thelma. It was approximately a million degrees celsius on the day of her photoshoot.


She soon perked up when she saw there was food though!


She has been in Adam’s life for twelve years now and having spent only a few hours with them I can imagine they were very happy years. You’d struggle to find a more sweet and gentle natured dog.


When her people brought me for a little tour of the communal area at their apartment complex I worried about having a Lab off lead around water after such a hot day, but Thelma isn’t a fan, not even a little bit.



A bit of furnace like heat and her age weren’t about to stop her from running around her local park.



Then she was ready for the family photo.


And, while she was up there… I do love a dog on a bench.



And with that, we finished the session the same way it started. Horizontal.


I hope you have an amazing wedding Adam and Della. I was really honoured that you chose me to take Thelma’s photos for the slideshow.