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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Look at all these beautiful blockheads. Each one of them is a little legend and would be coming to live with me if my husband wasn’t keeping my dog hoarding capabilities in check!

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You know what I noticed recently? I don’t photograph nearly enough Boxers. And then along came Chloe and all was right in my world again.


We didn’t have dogs when I was growing up (actually we had one but I was very young when he “ran away”) but my Mum has always had a thing for Boxers. Any time we’d pass one she’d always comment on how if she ever got another dog it would be a Boxer. I guess she passed her love of the breed on to me and I always find myself drawn to them as well. When Chloe’s session booking came in, accompanied by a photo of her balancing a marshmallow on her nose, I was audibly delighted.


We met at a local park, where Chloe and some of her favourite people had been for a while already to burn some energy off, but she was still all go go go. When she wasn’t running around she was chewing on something, anything!



Sticks were by far her favourite though. The bigger, the better.


In her defence, when she was told to sit and stay she didn’t protest too much. So long as I inserted treats into her drool, grass and stick covered mouth!


Kelly and Chloe have a very strong bond and getting them to snuggle for a photo was no challenge at all. Aren’t they a good looking pair?


Thanks for a fun afternoon ladies. It was good to hear that Chloe was just as tired as me afterwards and slept well that night. All part of the service.

One thing you often see Husky owners say is that they’re like potato chips … you can’t have just one. When I met Karen I told her it was nice to meet someone else with four dogs – it makes me feel almost normal.

Due to age and health issues and various levels of training she wanted to do the shoot at home, so I was lucky that there were plenty of different areas of interest (unlike my own piece of grass surrounded by Colourbond fencing).

I started with Tasha. Maybe because she reminded me so much of Ivan, the Husky we used to own.



Tasha is seven and according to her bio “she will not do anything you ask of her” – like most Sibes! She liked my treats though so she wasn’t too hard to work with.

Next up was Leo, the baby of the pack.



Leo has been to puppy school and obedience classes and he’s personality plus, so he was lots of fun to photograph. In fact, he was quite put out when his time was up and he had to go back inside.

The shoot was booked in August and a few days before it was scheduled I got an email to say that their eldest, 13yo Seamus, had bloat and had been rushed into emergency surgery. Luckily for him he lived to tell the tale, but as you can see in the photos he’s lost quite a bit of weight and his hair hasn’t grown back in places yet. He also has arthritis so he finds it hard to sit down and stand up repeatedly.



From a personality point of view Seamus was the most like Ivan. He has a big presence and a stare that almost made me roll over into submission.

Last up was Miss Stella. She’s the latest addition to the Leavy household. She was adopted from AMRAA a few months ago. She had lost most of her ears to fly bite and they thought she would be overlooked by other adopters because of it, so they welcomed her into their pack. She’s a sweetheart.



A few times in the run up to the session Karen had mentioned that the most important shot to get was her family with the four dogs. I thought it was going to break me for sure! After a couple of minutes spent wrangling everyone into position I managed to get the money shot in about three clicks of the shutter button – go me.


Their album and canvas order is currently in production, but if you keep an eye on my Facebook page I’ll share photos of them when they’re ready.

Behold the lovely clean and dry Sasha.


Did you behold? Because you won’t be seeing her again for the rest of this blog post! Before letting her off lead I asked if she was likely to run into the water, because I planned to get some dry dog photos first. Her owner reassured me that she doesn’t like to get wet. Our dogs love to make liars of us, don’t they?






With all her excess energy burned off she finally agreed to sit still for me. But after each shot she had to go looking for the ball again. There’s something very addictive about those squeaky little devils.



Before I wrapped up her Shoestring Session I asked Sandy if she wanted to be in any of the photos. She said yes please and that she had something in particular in mind. Boy did Sasha make me work for it, but twenty minutes later I finally got the shot!


Sasha’s session was a birthday present for Sandy from a good friend of hers. If you’d like to arrange a session as a gift for someone close send me an email and we can discuss your options. I also sell gift vouchers which start at $150.

For some reason, when I received a Shoestring Session booking for Karma the 12 year old rescue Staffy mix, I painted a mental picture of a decrepit little old dear. As the owner of an almost 10 year old Staffy who is still mental as anything I should have known that I’d be met by a dog that’s full of beans and ready for fun.

She took me outside, to the top level of her three tier domain, and lapped up every single drop of attention. And all of the treats.


Food? For me?


I’ll have all the belly rubs now thanks. Our almost 10 year old “Angel” is the same, a massive tart!


Karma suffered a spinal stroke a few years ago and they thought she was gone, but they got her to the emergency vet in time and she pulled through. The way she plays with a ball and trots up and down the steps of her garden would leave you amazed to hear she was once paralysed.


Once she cottoned on to the whole sitting pretty equals food concept she was a dream to work with.


Karma is definitely one of the lucky ones with a private beach and a swimming pool of her very own!



At the end of Karma’s garden is a little dock which would’ve been perfect for a silhouette shot, if madam here wasn’t insisting on sitting on top of me for pats and cuddles. I managed a few low light portraits with the Anzac Bridge in the background before she let me know she’d had enough and trotted back to the house!


I left Karma’s shoot with a smile on my face and hope that I still have quite a few good years left in my elderbulls. Staffys don’t grow old, they only go grey.