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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Back in January I had the pleasure of meeting Sampson and his people. He’s eighteen years old and his owner described him as her little rescue mate. They’ve been in each other’s lives since she adopted him as a baby kitten and the bond between them is heartwarming. When I arrived it was still about a million degrees outside, but Sampson was lying in the courtyard enjoying every bit of it!


We moved into the kitchen where he showed me his great camouflage trick and his semi Hipster Cat moustache.



He’d kinda had enough of me at that stage so he took himself off to the top of the stairs for some peace. I may have followed him, but I brought food so I wasn’t totally unwelcome. There was a certain amount of pretending I wasn’t there, followed by wishing I wasn’t there, sighing and crossed arms. Just normal cat behaviour I guess!


When it had cooled down we went back outside and he got a brushing, which he absolutely loved.


Sampson has lots of people in his life and he also has a fifteen year old cattle dog, Skye, for company.


With two quite senior pets in the house I had to ask what their secret was – “Lots of love, lots of adventures and yummy chicken! Sampson also does his best to conserve energy!”

When we were done with family photos he made his way to his favourite spot under the deck chair and did some intensive energy conservation.


When I posted this image on my Facebook page yesterday someone commented that I’m “one lucky lady to have all that love in [my] life”. And you know what? I really am!


They’re not the easiest dogs to own and maintaining harmony can take a lot of careful management. But they also make me laugh several times a day, often to the point that I have tears streaming down my face. I’m really grateful to have all these misfits in my life. My little furry family.

(Thanks to Pretty Fluffy for the DIY heart making instructions.)

How is it February already? Let’s just admire all the cute dogs and try to not dwell on the fact that this year is whizzing by so fast!

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All the dogs are from either Fetching Dogs or Arctic Breed Rescue. Yeti the mouse-dog-puppy has already been adopted. No great surprise there!


Yesterday we announced the very exciting news that Kaylee Greer from Dog Breath Photography will be joining Charlotte Reeves and I for the Zoomies Pet Photography Workshop. Shortly afterwards we launched our website which contains all the registration details and in just over 24hrs we’ve already provisionally allocated 12 of the 18 spots. If you want to attend either the NSW or QLD workshops you should jump on the website and register asap. Spots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.