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Monthly Archives: January 2014

I had barely finished unpacking my holiday clothes when it was time to roll my sleeves up and get back to work. Dan, Bobo and Ruff were my first clients of the year. Their owners warned me that they’re “monsters”. I wouldn’t go that far, but they certainly did make me work for my money!



They suggested this location as they wanted a mix of nature and man-made backdrops. It’s been years since I shot here, but just like last time my clients were fluffy dogs and it was a super windy day. The session ended up running for an extra hour, probably because I had to wait for the gaps between the gusts.



Dan was quite a ham for the camera. He quickly learned that cooperation meant food.



I’m such a sucker for an underbite.


These guys live in an apartment complex so they loved the big dog park where they got to run around like maniacs.




I just adore this photo of Dan – he looks so ridiculously happy!


When the sun was finally low enough to do a photo in front of the Anzac Bridge I took on the very difficult task of getting all three dogs to pose for a group shot. Everyone was tired and pretty over it and the wind was doing it’s very best to blow them off the wall, but we managed to get there in the end. Not long before the moon took over from the sun.


Hands up if your pet does tricks and you like to win stuff!


Submit a video of your pet’s best trick(s) via the app on my Facebook page, and get 30 or more friends to vote for it, to go in the running to win a photo session with Ruthless Photos* plus three 8×12″ prints.

Qualifying entries will be judged by international dog behaviour expert Glenn Cooke from Canine Evolution.

*For a full outline of what a session includes see here. The official rules are here.

While I was editing the photos from my recent Fetching Dogs puppy shoot I thought to myself that I must have photographed at least 100 dogs for them by now. I totally spun myself out when I counted them and found the puppy I was editing was actually number 100!!

Can you find him amongst all these faces?


We went to Fraser Island last week for a much needed holiday. While we were there we were lucky enough to see two packs of dingoes on Eastern Beach. The first was near Eurong and may have been a mother with two of her pups. The second was a pack of four, a few days later, between Maheno Wreck and Eli Creek.

Both times I stayed in the car and shot with my 70-200 lens with a 1.4x teleconvertor attached, for safety reasons. There’s a sign near the wreck that warns of an aggressive dingo in the area. While I was taking photos of the second pack they started to head towards a lone female jogger and didn’t retreat when she threw a rock at them. I’m no expert on dingo behaviour but they seemed more than curious, they had her surrounded and it was sunset which is the time they go hunting at. We drove over and told her to jump in the car. Many of the dingoes have ear tags so if one is identified as being involved in an attack on a human they are trapped and killed. Luckily for her and the dingoes there was no damage done.

Fraser Island is a very beautiful place. If you ever visit (particularly with children), heed the warnings and stay dingo safe.

If you feel threatened:
Stand still at your full height and fold your arms across your chest.
Face the dingo, then calmly back away.
If you are with another person, stand back to back.
Confidently call for help.
Wait until the dingo or dingoes are gone before you continue on your way.
Do not run or wave your arms.

If you are attacked:
Defend yourself aggressively and strike the dingo with an object such as a stick or backpack.

I eased myself back into work today by going through all my photos from last year and compiling this “best of 2013” gallery. It’s been heaps of fun and I have nothing but happy memories looking back at all the furry creatures I got to photograph last year. I hope you all enjoy it!

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