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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cara Mia is a very beautiful glitter-coat Bengal who belongs to a friend of mine. Is she not the most stunning cat you’ve ever seen? Needless to say, now I want one too!

Unfortunately certain members of our pack would have difficulty co-existing with a cat so I’ll have to put one on my wish list for later in life!

Jackson is a dog that’s become very dear to my heart. He first came to my attention when my friend posted an urgent plea on her Facebook page for someone to adopt this gorgeous boy. He’d been at the pound for two months and was due to be PTS that afternoon. Luckily he got a last minute save by a friend of a friend and a week or so later I got to meet him and fell in love. He’s very much like Bruno – one part serious and nine parts goofy – and as you all know, that makes him ok in my book!

Unfortunately that home didn’t work out for him as he doesn’t like being left on his own for long periods. He’s happier with doggy friends and/or an owner that’s home a lot. So, Jackson is living with us until a suitable home is found. His profile is here. Please share it around if you know anyone who might be looking for a dog like him.

Last week I did the last of my rescue catch-up shoots. It was epic, to say the least! I first drove to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to pick up Xerox and then we made the long drive out west to boarding kennels in Llandilo. Had I not put the wrong address in my GPS I would’ve avoided the huge vomit he did five minutes before we got there, but I didn’t so I didn’t. I don’t have the actual figures, but I reckon about 95% of the rescue dogs that have traveled in my car have been sick, pee’d or pooh’d, so at least I was prepared and not really expecting any less. And no, I don’t think that it is a reflection on my driving, actually!

I started with the Arctic Breed Rescue dogs…





Before I completely ran out of light I managed to squeeze in Xerox from Fetching Dogs. He had some energy to burn so I let him have a runaround first.

Then Xerox proceeded to completely win me over with his adorable head tilts.