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Yearly Archives: 2011

It’s freebie time again – 2012 wallpaper calendars for your computer and/or laptop.

They’re available in the following sizes:


Click on the appropriate link above to begin the download.

If you prefer your calendars to be of the hang on the wall variety you can still buy one from my RedBubble store.

People love free stuff, don’t forget to share these with your friends. Happy New Year, see you in 2012!

Bruno’s so versatile with his festive looks…

Check out the Bull Breeds in Need Facebook page if you want to see Bruno’s Christmas wish.

I know we have three other dogs, but it’s hard enough getting one blocky headed dog to sit still with a hat on – all four would be hell!

I thought it would be nice to post some of my favourite shots from 2011. That was until I realised how many favourites I have!! The dogs got banished and I ended up on the floor of my office for a few hours with a heap of little thumbnails. It brought me back to my art school days. All that was missing was a light film of spray glue on everything I touched and The Pixies playing in the background! It was fun though – looking back on all the little faces, medium faces and really big faces that I photographed this year. I LOVE MY JOB!

[Click on the first thumbnail to open and then use your right arrow key to scroll though.]

Little Orphan Petey went to his new home last weekend. It was supposed to start with a two week adoption trial, but they said from the outset that a trial wouldn’t be necessary, they’re confident that he’s a keeper. I thought they’d be ringing me after the first night and begging me to take the little tornado of destruction back, but it’s been a week and he seems to be settling in really well! Although I think he was happy to see me, I don’t think he was too happy about all the Christmas props I brought with me!

Sniper dog.

As a little treat for being so good [or should I say massively sad and distracted], he got to have a rumble with Bruno afterwards!

Petey has his own Facebook page now if you’d like to follow his life in his new home >

The weather in Sydney recently has been wreaking havoc with my booking schedule. I’ve gotten to a point where I presume I’ll have to reschedule a shoot at least two times before it happens! On Tuesday the sky was totally overcast and it was really windy so I stopped my car on the way to Annandale to confirm that Lisa really wanted to go ahead with Pepper and Gucci’s shoot. She said yes and I’m really glad that she did because photographing two very fluffy Pomeranians in the wind is fun!

Watching them run was probably the highlight of my day!

Gucci is a supermodel in the making. She totally worked the camera!

Nice owners, nice dogs, nice house and nice park – all the vital ingredients for a great session!

Please note that Gucci’s tear stains have been pulled back in some but not all of her photos for this blog post. Naturally they’ll be consistently done in any images that Lisa buys at her ordering session.