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Monthly Archives: June 2010

As the last shoot with Flash was impromptu and in harsh light, I made arrangements to go back and take some more photos in better conditions. He was a slight shade of yellowy-brown when I arrived so after a quick bath we went out to the back paddock… to run around in the dirt! He already knows to sit for food, clever boy.

Getting him to stay wasn’t so easy, but watching his ears flapping as he ran was pretty cute!

The sun was starting to go down and I was lucky to get some really gorgeous light.

You might remember that tree stump from the shoot I did there with Chill last year.

Just as I was packing up I got to see that there’s a little monster behind that cute exterior… luckily Prix the Malinois has a great temperament because Flash was certainly giving him HEAPS!

I promised these ages ago, so I hope they were worth the wait… martingale collars, yay!!! They can be found here. I’ve only managed to get two modeled so far, but there are heaps more to come.

First up is Saxon the Amstaff in a 38mm [1.5″] wide black and silver Sweetheart. I know he’s drop-dead gorgeous, but try to focus on the collar!

Next is Flame [AKA my new favourite dog!] in a chestnut and aged brass Rocknrolla. This collar is 25mm [1″] , but it’s available in wide and narrow widths as well.

You’ve probably all seen this collar already, the regular Lone Ranger, but you haven’t seen it in burgundy and you haven’t seen it on Atticus!! He belongs to my new friend Janet from Hyggelig Photography. If you check out her site you’ll see some more photos of him that she took during his modeling session. He’s one seriously cute munchkin!

The very lovely people at Bowhouse referred Coco’s owner to us. She was looking for a custom-made collar for her Italian Greyhound. She left the design up to us, she just wanted something classic and minimal in brown and silver. That’s how The Cocodog was born!

It was a bit of a cold day and poor Coco wasn’t too happy about being outside without her jacket. Sorry Coco!

On our recent trip to Melbourne I was booked to do a photo session with three Boston Terriers. I made sure I got Jack’s neck measurements beforehand so I could get him to do some modeling after the shoot. Here he is wearing a narrow Rocknrolla collar in silver and burgundy.

This is the first narrow collar to make it on to the website, but don’t fear, we have plenty more to come, we just need small dog models!

We’ve had some people express an interest in plain collars, so we’ve introduced the No Frills collar. Here’s King the Amstaff wearing a wide one in brown and brass and Prix the Malinois wearing a regular one in black and aged brass.

You may have seen me mention already that we took the Ruthless Leather stand down to the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria‘s Championship Show on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. We donated a voucher to the club which was awarded to the best exhibitor. So, congratulations to Tony Pycroft and his gorgeous girl Echo [Fibra Echos of Buba] for winning BISS. There’s a photo of them here on our Facebook page. Speaking of congratulations and our Facebook page… when the number of fans reached 1,000 Dionne Jay was selected at random to be the lucky recipient of a collar and matching lead of her choice, just for being a fan! She’s picked a wide black and silver Rocknrolla and lead for her dog Diesel the Rottweiler. Lucky boy!

I have one more nugget of information, so hopefully you’re still with me cause it’s a good one! We stand by our ten year guarantee and we want you to get the most out of our products, so we’re now including a 50g pot of Ruthless Leather Aftercare with purchases over AUD$125. It’s also available to buy on the website here.

For anyone that received this update by email: I’m using my blog feed as a newsletter. If you’ve requested to be on the Ruthless Leather mailing list and you change your mind you’ll need to reply to this email with “unsubscribe” in the subject line. The unsubscribe link below only works for people who have subscribed to the feed via the Ruthless Things blog. [I hope that makes sense!]

…Saviour of the Universe! At only 8 weeks old it’s probably a bit early to tell if Flash really will save every one of us, but it’s a nice thought all the same! Flash is my friend’s daughter’s super cute Brittany puppy. Said friend also owns Chill and Rhythm and runs the kennels where we leave our dogs if we’re going away. When we got back from Melbourne last weekend and went to pick them up I had my camera, and, even though it was high noon and the sun was directly overhead, I couldn’t resist grabbing some shots. I wasn’t sure if I’d blog them because the light is so harsh, but I just had to share his gorgeousness!

I’ll be doing a proper shoot with Flash in a few weeks, so stay toooned!

If you follow my Facebook page you might have seen me announce that I’d lined up shoots with three Boston Terriers and a Chinese Crested while we were in Melbourne. Well you’ve seen the Bostons and now here’s Kyuss… you’d be right in thinking she’s a funny looking Chinese Crested! She’s Mischiefmaka Miss Persuasion*, an American Staffordshire Terrier. She belongs to the breeder that made Oscar and Bell. It was far too cold for Harley the Chinese Crested to be outside with no coat on so I’ll have to wait until it’s warmer to shoot him.

As you can probably tell from the ground in that photo it was raining slightly. Kyuss didn’t mind though, she was all about the treats and finding the best route to my hand. Be it jumping on the sofa…

…or jumping on me!

In an attempt to get her to stay still for a few seconds I put her in a chair, but she cracked the sads. I couldn’t stand to look at that miserable face so I let her down and she decided to go and jump on Dave instead – allowing me to take a gratuitous bum shot! Nice ass Kyuss!

Thanks for your hospitality SJ. See you in a few months for Pony’s shoot 😀

* I’m going to put a little disclaimer in here for SJ… as the plan was to shoot Harley, Kyuss wasn’t prepared for the shoot. Even unwashed and untrimmed I still think she’s pretty gorgeous though!

We took the Ruthless Leather stand down to the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria‘s Championship Show at the weekend. It was a fleeting visit, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of photo sessions while we were there. First up were Cazzie’s three Boston Terriers – Amby, Jack and Maddie. She had warned me that Jack thinks everything is all about him, so to avoid any disappointment I started with just him. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

Maddie is a lot quieter than Jack, but she still has a very cheeky side. Every now and again she’ll go into a playbow before zooming off!

Every birthday Cazzie’s dogs get a new outfit and have a party. Maddie’s favourite is this little pink leopardskin number! [Don’t be fooled by the long face, believe me, she was more than happy to put it on!!]

Amby joined us at the end and I put them all on the bench for a group photo…

…she didn’t hang around for long though… and soon after that Maddie decided she’d had enough too so we called it a day!

Cazzie’s a brilliant digital artist. She won the MDBA Dog Owner’s Choice Award for Best Canine Photographer/Artist the year before I did. Her Facebook fan page is here. Thanks for a fun morning Cazzie!