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Monthly Archives: April 2010

A week and a half ago we donated a collar to be raffled off to raise funds for Bully’s cancer operation. For those that missed it on Facebook, over $450 was raised. Thanks to everyone that bought tickets! I’d never met Bully before, but his temp carer lives quite near me so I asked if she wanted to meet up for a mini photo session. I’m a sucker for white bullies, so it was a big treat for me! Even if I did have to shower as soon as I got home to get all his drool off me!

Bully will be going for his operation next week, so fingers crossed it all goes well for him and he gets a clean bill of health.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Furia was only a temporary model of the regular Decoder collar. The collar was actually made for Taite the Dalmatian to model, but the universe was against us and I didn’t get to meet him until last weekend at the Amstaff Specialty. It was a HOT day, but we found a nice tree to take photos under. Taite is only 10 months old and still full of puppy exuberance, so we kept him on one of our narrow leads for the shoot. His sit, stay was pretty good…

…until I made a noise and then he’d come charging at me! When you’re shooting with a long lens it can be quite frightening!! How I managed to remain on two feet is beyond me!

I only had about fifteen minutes to spare, so it was a quick session, but Taite gave me lots to work with. He has the best facial expressions!

Thank you Tithen and Nathan for allowing me to borrow Taite. It was so lovely to meet you all. I’m now adding a Dalmatian to the long list of dogs I’d like to own some day!

We’ve donated a collar to a raffle being run by MDBA PACERS. A friend from a dog forum I’m on has run into some personal problems. She’s been selflessly rescuing dogs for several years and now she’s in a position where one of her dogs has cancer and she needs help to pay for his surgery.

Tickets are AUD$1 each or AUD$10 for 15 and can be purchased by emailing They will give you a reference number for your deposits and bank details for an EFT. Payment for tickets will close on April 17th at 5pm. Raffle will be drawn by a JP on the 20th of April to allow time for all deposits to show before the draw. Please note that they cannot accept Paypal payments for raffle tickets.

The zipper on the dog bed in our living room broke recently. I was reluctant to fork out big bucks for another one, but every time I turned my back the wretched Staffys pulled the stuffing out of it and it was breaking my heart! I stumbled across Molly Mutt on Facebook. They sell covers for dog beds in really hip fabrics which are 100% cotton and pre-shrunk. It was the prefect solution as the bed didn’t need to be thrown out altogether, it just needed a new cover. They also sell a “stuff sack” so you can make your own bed using old towels, pillows, clothes, etc.! Such a great idea.

Here’s three of ours modeling it. Ivan doesn’t like to fraternise with the riff-raff. He was nearby though, waiting for some photo session treats!

Chopper modeled some orders before they were posted this morning. Apparently the Rocknrolla is pretty popular!

A few people have been surprised to hear that all our collars come in so many different colours. The majority of them are available in twelve different combinations, not just what’s in the photo on the product page. Take the collar above as an example, it’s available in the following combos:
black leather with silver, brass or antique brass hardware
brown leather with silver, brass or antique brass hardware
burgundy leather with silver, brass or antique brass hardware
chestnut leather with silver, brass or antique brass hardware

We’ll be adding a pdf to the website at some stage with all the different designs in the different combinations, but in the meantime just check out the other product listings to get an idea of what the different combos look like. If you’re still having trouble visualising it, just send us an email and we’ll set out your design in your choice of leather and hardware and send you a photo of it. We’re nice like that!