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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Obi was the last of our collar models. He’s just eight months old and his owner has only had him for two months, but he was surprisingly well behaved. He was like a coiled spring, but he knew if he sat still, however briefly, that he’d get rewarded. I told you he would be worth the wait. Isn’t he a beauty?! He came from the AWL in Ingleside. He’s believed to be a Bullmastiff x Ridgeback, hence the lovely eyeliner and forehead wrinkles!

When he was done with sitting still he got to hoon around the park. I think he likes hooning!!

Such a great dog. I think he should come and live with me 🙂

This weekend I got to borrow Boo the Great Dane to model this 1.5″ Rocknrolla collar in black and antique brass. We met at 7.30am on Sunday in Camperdown Cemetery. It was nice and quiet. In fact the sun wasn’t even quite up yet so when Boo wasn’t doing zoomies or rolling around with a stick I was able to get some nice headshots.

I got to experience Dane zoomies for the first time. I won’t lie to you, I was a little bit terrified!! Apparently the key is to not move cause he’ll change course at the last minute and if you move he’ll most likely run into you. Luckily there were plenty of gravestones to hide behind!! Is it a dog? Is it a Kangaroo??!

For his efforts, Boo has now been immortalised on the Ruthless Leather website and he’s the envy of all his Great Dane buddies.

Finally, after a year and half of research, prototype making and many late nights, it’s finally here: strong leather dog collars. It’s a work in progress and we still have lots more exciting things to add to it, but let’s not dwell on that, let’s celebrate the fact that we finally have a website, yay!!!

Here are the last few pieces that we added to the site.

This is a wide Rocknrolla in black and antique brass, modeled by Boo the Great Dane [more photos of him to come soon]. Pictured below is a matching wide leash.

This is a plain 3ft version of the wide leash in black and brass.

I posted some photos of Lola last week. The jumping photo from her shoot was a real hit so we decided to use it on our home page and also on some promotional postcards we’re having printed. Lola modeled a regular Stud Muffin collar in chestnut and antique brass.

Even Angel got put to work this week. We made this collar especially for her, so even though she’s a REALLY uncooperative model, I managed to squeeze a few shots out of her. This is a regular Asteroid Belt in burgundy and silver. Below is a matching narrow leash.

The gorgeous Obi modeled a regular Lone Ranger collar in chestnut and silver. I’ll post more photos of him soon. It’ll be worth the wait, he’s just stunning!

Furia stood in as a temporary model of the regular Decoder collar. Taite the Dalmatian will be taking her place in a few weeks.

The last thing we added to the site is a 13mm [1/2″] wide slip leash in chestnut and brass.

We selling off some of our prototypes for AUD$100 [+p&p] on our Facebook page. Here’s a link to the album.

She was a Staffeeee. No yellow feathers and whatnot, but she did have some fancy dance moves!

I put a call out on my Facebook page for a medium-sized red dog to model a collar for the Ruthless Leather website. I asked for a Viszla or a Stafford, but I was open to other breeds. I also said the dog needed to live near me or be willing to travel. Lola’s owner answered excitedly that she had a red Staffy and she was happy to travel down from the Blue Mountains with her. I thought she was a bit mad to drive so far, but I’m so grateful that she did. Lola is such a great little dog. So good she’s bumped Angel off the top spot as my favourite Staffy! [Sorry Angel but you did just spew on the carpet again and then tunneled under the deck when I put you outside. Sigh.]

Like another two dogs that I know, Lola’s a little ball mad! Even though she had her own ball to play with, when that was put away to give her a chance to catch her breath, she went off and sniffed out an old tennis ball that’s seen better days and rolled around chewing on it! Her obsession came in handy when I needed her to stand still for collar photos! Look at the little paw lift, tooooo cuuuuute! [The slobbery piece of grass hanging out of her mouth, not so much maybe!]

Thanks Cally for making the big trek, it was really lovely to meet you both.