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Monthly Archives: February 2010

…but I really fell in love with one at the pound today! I think someone was scheming behind the scenes because every dog they brought out to be photographed I could see myself owning. I know we’re at max capacity here, so hopefully someone will see these pics and like these dogs enough to give them a home.

Today was about getting new profile pics for some long termers at the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home in Carlton.

Binks the 4yo Greyhound has been there for six months and Brutus the 2yo Amstaff x has been there for eight months. Greyhounds are always slow to find homes due to the common misconception that they’re aggressive [the law in NSW requires them to be muzzled in public] and a high energy breed. Binks was so lovely, I really hope he finds a home soon. Big black dogs are also notoriously slow to rehome. Fingers crossed someone can see past the stereotype and take the time to get to know Brutus. He would make someone a wonderful pet. Hasn’t he got the best ears!

George the 2yo Spaniel x has been there for six months. He’s a feisty little thing, but he’s as cute as a button! How he’s been overlooked for so long is beyond me. Just look at that smile!!!

At eight months old, Sarge and Zack are only babies. They were dumped at the vets when they were three months old and they’ve been at the pound ever since. They’re brothers and they’re looking for a home together. They were hard to photograph as they were so busy playing with each other! Adorable little scruffers, the pair of them!

Kudos wasn’t supposed to be photographed today as he’s only been there for two months, so strictly speaking he’s not a long termer yet. When I was waiting for George to be brought out I saw him being walked by a volunteer. I made a beeline for him cause I’m somewhat obsessed with white bull breeds! I asked if I could photograph him too. He stole my heart. I’m absolutely besotted with him so I really hope someone I know sees this photo and adopts him so I get to have regular cuddles! Kudos is only eight months old. He’s a Bull Terrier x and he’s partially deaf. I think I love him!

Here are the links to each of the dog’s adoption profiles on Pet Rescue. Binks, Brutus, George, Zack and Sarge and Kudos.

We’re getting there, slowly but surely! The fine tuning on the website is finished and I hope to start populating it next week. We still haven’t 100% finalised our hardware, so the whole range may take some time to get up there. It will be worth the wait though!

This is a 1.5″ black leather collar with a burgundy panel, silver hardware and screw details. This is Trixie’s new everyday collar, I just love it on her.

This is a chestnut and brass variation of the black and silver spotty collar modeled by Furia in the last update.

This is a 1″ antique brass version of Zero’s collar seen here. The brass has been oxidised to give it a weathered look. [Angel’s ears crack me up, Dave was squeaking a toy to get them pricked cause they were sitting on the collar!]

This is my new cuff as someone bought my last one from me in the RSL one night! [A version of my last one can be seen in this post.]

We’ve improved the design of all our leads by adding a d-ring up near the handle. This means that you can wear it around your chest when you’re at the dog park and your dog’s off-lead.

This is another new design. It’s a 3/4″ lead with an extra snap and d-ring. It can function as a normal long lead or it can be clipped over your shoulder allowing you to walk your dog hands-free. It’s ideal for use with dogs that don’t pull on the lead. Unlike Ivan!

I was asked by Tim from Pet Rescue if I could take some photos of his pets. They’re setting up a new initiative called Pet Foster and each person that works there will have a picture of their pet on the back of their business card. I did a mini session in his courtyard last Thursday with the gorgeous Flower and Holly. I’m not sure which photo they’re going to go with yet, but here are a few of my faves.

We custom made a tracking harness for Divani [Furia‘s mother], so I called over yesterday to photograph it on her. As it needs to be attached to a collar and lead we made a few additional pieces for her to wear for the shoot.

She was happily napping on her sofa until we rudely awoke her and made her go to the park for some modeling.

She’s a good girl though and she rose to the challenge.

This is Furia wearing the collar above. It’s a 1″ black collar with silver spots. It will also be available in brown or burgundy with silver or brass hardware.

The lead on the left is a 5/8″ 7ft black lead with a different braiding style than the usual 3/4″ leads. The one on the left is a grab tab. It’s really handy when training a dog to be off lead.

This is a 1.5″ version of Chopper’s reflector collar that we made for Bean the Staffy x. It’s black leather with silver hardware and red reflectors. Also shown is a matching 4ft lead.