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Monthly Archives: September 2009

On Sunday I headed over to Astred and Bob’s house to do a quick photo session with the gorgeous Knuckles and Dutch. I had followed Dutch’s story closely on Dogzonline. He was only 5 weeks old when he was dumped and ended up at the pound. His rescuer posted photos of him regularly and he developed quite a fan club. When I heard that the couple who adopted him were joining the obedience club where I take Chopper I had to say hello and meet him in person! We stayed in touch and recently Astred asked me to take a head shot of Knuckles for a project she’s working on. Any excuse to hang out with some smoochy boofheads!

We started with just Knuckles while Dutch sat in the hallway vocalising his unhappiness! I’ve agreed not to publish the final mug shot at this time, but that’s ok ’cause this is my favourite from the day anyway! [I’m really testing my friendship with Astred by plastering this all over the web!]

While Knuckles had a little break [to follow Bob into the kitchen to oversee the cutting up of the cabanossi!], Dutch had his moment in the spotlight.

I offered to get a photo of the two together, completely forgetting how hard working with two animals is! There was quite a bit of this …

Followed by some of this …

Before finally ending up with these 🙂

I bought some off camera lighting gear a few months ago. It’s been sitting in the corner of my office ever since as I thought learning how to use it all was going to be a really steep learning curve. I’ve been trying to learn Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver recently to build my own website, so my brain was already overwhelmed with new information. I didn’t think there was any more room!

On Friday I saw this photo on Flickr and I was inspired to finally try out my gear. I don’t have the same setup as Christina, and since Dave had initially set up one of my light stands and tightened a lever so tight I couldn’t budge it, I made do with one flash and one umbrella for starters!

Trixie was quite happy to model for me. Modeling = treats. Trixie + treats = happy puppy!

Chopper had been outside sunbaking, so his level of enthusiasm wasn’t quite the same!