Great news! Our foster puppies, Snoop and Raven, have both been adopted and will be enjoying Christmas with their new families. While they were here I spent so much time just enjoying watching them play (and enjoying not working) that it wasn’t until their last night that I got the camera out to capture these memories.

Our garden is a horrible backdrop for photos. We’re renting, don’t judge me!

Look at those sharp little teeth! They both like to put them places that they don’t belong. Raven kindly left her mark on the deck.

Much as she hated sitting still I managed to get some rather grumpy portraits before her departure.

This brand new tennis ball was brought out for the photoshoot and it quickly became very high value. They’re both great little fetchers. Some work is needed on bringing it back to the thrower though.

These puppies are so fun. They live to play!

With no toys nearby they’re happy to just hang out of each other. I can’t say either was to blame, they were as bad as each other. At times it sounded like a colosseum.

Supermodel supreme, Mr Snoop, found himself a home where his talents in front of the camera will be fully nurtured. After fostering many puppies, and always being quite adamant about not wanting a puppy, we’ve done a 180 and adopted this little rat bag. He’s personality plus and fits in really well. Stay tuned for a proper introduction when we’ve decided on his new name.

Snoop and Raven have five litter mates, three of which are still available. Click the button below to enquire about adopting one of their siblings.

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