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Back in January I had the pleasure of meeting Sampson and his people. He’s eighteen years old and his owner described him as her little rescue mate. They’ve been in each other’s lives since she adopted him as a baby kitten and the bond between them is heartwarming. When I arrived it was still about a million degrees outside, but Sampson was lying in the courtyard enjoying every bit of it!


We moved into the kitchen where he showed me his great camouflage trick and his semi Hipster Cat moustache.



He’d kinda had enough of me at that stage so he took himself off to the top of the stairs for some peace. I may have followed him, but I brought food so I wasn’t totally unwelcome. There was a certain amount of pretending I wasn’t there, followed by wishing I wasn’t there, sighing and crossed arms. Just normal cat behaviour I guess!


When it had cooled down we went back outside and he got a brushing, which he absolutely loved.


Sampson has lots of people in his life and he also has a fifteen year old cattle dog, Skye, for company.


With two quite senior pets in the house I had to ask what their secret was – “Lots of love, lots of adventures and yummy chicken! Sampson also does his best to conserve energy!”

When we were done with family photos he made his way to his favourite spot under the deck chair and did some intensive energy conservation.


A couple of weeks ago, when there was finally a break in the bad weather, I got to photograph these two very pretty rescue kitties.



Mitz and Sammy weren’t especially keen on doing any posing (that’s an understatement), but with a combination of long lenses, patience and lots of tiptoeing I managed to not let them get the better of me!



Sammy wasn’t timid or camera shy, he just knew it was nearly time to come inside for the night and he didn’t want to, so if anyone came too close he’d scarper, but never very far away. Just out of reach. Such a tease.





I’m not one to pat myself on the back, but considering the difficulty rating on this shoot was 9.5, I’m pretty happy with the images and I look forward to seeing the finished album. Keep an eye on Facebook for photos of the whole order.

As I said at the outset, Mitz and Sammy are rescues. It’s currently kitten season and pounds across the country are full to the brim with adult cats and kittens. If you’re thinking about adding a feline companion to your family now would be a great time to do it. Or if you can open your home to a foster or ten I’m sure Fetching Cats would love to hear from you.

When my booking to photograph Chilli the five month old Birman was confirmed I may have done a little squeal with excitement. A friend of mine has a Birman kitten so I knew just how much gorgeousness I was going to be faced with.



I’d say I got about ten minutes of cooperation out of him before he decided to really make me work for my money!


He’s still very young so I was just happy to let him do naughty crazy kitten things while I stalked him with my camera. I took comfort in the fact that he wasn’t running away from me because tying him to a tree wasn’t an option!



He did plenty of stalking of his own too…


…and busted a few impressive moves.


Followed by some very nice sitting pretty.


You don’t get to see many cats on my blog so I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Cara Mia is a very beautiful glitter-coat Bengal who belongs to a friend of mine. Is she not the most stunning cat you’ve ever seen? Needless to say, now I want one too!

Unfortunately certain members of our pack would have difficulty co-existing with a cat so I’ll have to put one on my wish list for later in life!

Yu’s session has been a long time coming. She booked it months ago, but between one thing and another we didn’t get around to doing it until last week. I’ve been looking forward to it because I grew up owning Burmese and before we got dogs I was looking into getting another one. Ivan the Husky came to live here the same week that we were minding a friend’s kitten and we quickly realised that owning a cat while he was around wouldn’t be possible. My cat owning plans had to be shelved for now.

Yu rented a pet friendly house especially for the session as her unit is too dark for photos. She did as I suggested and got there several hours before me to give Mocha, Casper and Monty time to get used to the strange surroundings. Unfortunately, they were still hiding in a dark corner upstairs when I got there. Casper [the lilac girl] is a show cat so she’s used to new places and only took a few minutes to warm to me. The other two took a couple of hours, but we got there eventually!