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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Apologies for the delay in getting this round-up of adoptables to you. I’ve been waiting to photograph four more puppies (including one who we fostered briefly) before publishing this blog post, but the weather hasn’t been kind so they’ll have to wait for the next instalment for their moment of glory. Featured below are Agave (available), Triton (on trial), Fiesta (on trial), Digby (available) and Lucy (available).

If you received this blog post by email, please click on the heading to open in a web browser so you can view the gallery properly. Click on the first image to open and then scroll using the next and back buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Agave is in care with Fetching Dogs and Digby and Lucy are with Saving Staffies. Please feel free to share this around to help them find homes.

A couple of months ago, when I didn’t greet every client with “gosh, it’s cold, isn’t it?”, I had the pleasure of photographing Patches and Dudley and the ladies in their life.

two small dogs of sydney

The shoot was a birthday present for Patches’ mum (the one getting kissyfaced) from her daughter (the one that’s quite ok with not getting kissyfaced!).

two women with two little dogs of sydney

This is 10yo Dudley. He was supposed to be the easy one but he made sure I put some solid groundwork in before he was ready for his close up.

little dog sitting on bench dogs of sydney

Dudley’s partner in crime is 9yo Patches. She was in the early stages of heart failure when we did the shoot and last I heard she wasn’t doing very well. I’m glad I got to capture her when she was still happy and full of beans.

small white dog standing on bench dogs of sydney

cute little dog with teefs

little dog running in park dogs of sydney

There’s a certain naughty little Staffy here beside me who has this same party trick. She knows that if she drops and rolls over people will scratch her belly. Dogs train their people so very well!

small white dog lying on back looking for belly rubs

little white dog running in park dogs of sydney

This is Dudley’s signature move, it’s pretty adorable and got him ALLLL of the treats.

small dog begging looks like praying dogs of sydney

I contacted Kerry before publishing this to see if there was any update on Patches’ health but I haven’t heard back from her yet. Here’s hoping that no news is good news.

smiling maltese dog

These photos are currently being made into a gorgeous album. I’ll post a video of it on my Instagram at some point.

Do you have a dog owning loved one with a birthday or special occasion coming up? A Ruthless Photos session makes a great gift!

It’s time for part four of my Tails of Sydney outtakes. (Previous posts can be seen here if you missed them.) It’s a little late coming to you as the project was put on hold while my husband/assistant recovered from an accident where he injured his back. He’s feeling a lot better now so it’s full steam ahead.

Buster and Ceza had their shoot at Clontarf Reserve, as you can probably tell from their bedraggled coats they had several laps around the dog beach before this photo was taken. What you probably can’t tell is that these boys are full littermates. I kid you not!

Two cavoodle brothers at Clontarf Reserve dogs of Sydney

Bis had his shoot at Coogee a few weeks ago. We were lucky we did it when we did because the beach took an absolute hammering in the storms a couple of weeks later. I wonder if these boats are even there still.

White Siberian Husky with blue eyes standing in boat at Coogee Beach dogs of Sydney

Che’s shoot was at Carss Park. His owner is the chef behind Wooftastic Tasty Treats and she kindly brought some of his favourites to bribe him with. I’d love to claim that winning smile was my doing but it was more to do with what was in my hand than my charm!

Smiling brindle staffy pitbull type with white head at Carss Park dogs of sydney

Holly and Billy the Westies, in their adorable little bow ties, had their session in Darling Harbour. More than one person stopped to ask if they’re famous. If they weren’t before well they are now.

Two westies in bowties at Darling Harbour dogs of sydney

Storm and Kitana’s session was at Campbelltown Arts Centre. We weren’t allowed to go through to the Japanese Teahouse and Garden, a Bicentennial gift to the people of Campbelltown by sister city Koshigaya, but the outside of the building was pretty impressive and made a great backdrop for these two gorgeous Rottweilers.

Quirky portrait of Two Rottweilers at Campbelltown Arts Centre dogs of Sydney

Lui’s shoot was at Parramatta Park a few weeks ago. He’s like more than one of the dogs that are currently snuggled up under my desk together … a rescued blockhead foster fail, my favourite kind of failure!

Funny looking red nose pitbull type at Parramatta Park dogs of Sydney

I’ve photographed a lot of matching sets for my book recently – two kelpies, two cavoodles, two westies, two rotties and now two pugs! Zeke and little Prudence had their shoot in Newtown and were SO great to work with. Gotta love a food motivated dog that can ignore all the distractions that King Street has to offer on a Friday afternoon.

Two pugs, an adult and a baby pug, sitting in a doorway in Newtown dogs of sydney

“When we first saw Oreo he was last of his litter. He did not have the same markings as his other siblings and had a big white head. Which worked out well in the end because now he has a batman look to him! He was very calm and docile. Little did we know that the docile puppy was actually hiding a gastrointestinal problem which we had to deal with for another 3 months. Luckily it has now been resolved and underneath it all was a very active and playful puppy.”

Oreo’s people have done a heap of training with him so he was a perfect little model for me at his shoot in the city. I couldn’t wait to download the files as soon as I got home!

Head-tilting Boston Terrier at the Goods Line dogs of Sydney

Who here recognises Miss Cody? I did her adoption photos when she was a puppy. Last week I got to photograph her again for this project and would you believe, she still hates my camera! With the help of some godawful noises that I’ve never made before I managed to get her ears to come to the party and got the shots I needed, but I have to save them for the book.

pitbull type rescue dog running through park with ball in mouth

Pretty little Bella dragged herself out from her warm bed very very early last week for her shoot at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I was warned that she’s wary of strangers but she must have known straight away that I’m a crazy dog lady with pockets full of treats because she stood up and wagged her whole body as soon as she saw me. It was a lovely warm welcome on such a freezing cold morning.

Cavoodle sitting in statue at the Art Gallery of New South Wales dogs of sydney

Tails of Sydney, as you know, is a fundraising project. Last week I was able to donate $5,633.46 to the three groups I nominated as beneficiaries at the start. It’s just the first of two donations, the second will be made at the end of the project.