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Monthly Archives: February 2016

If you dig back through my blog archives (please don’t!) you’ll find two previous appearances by Riley and one by Spencer and Flynn. Their owner has been a loyal supporter and friend since I started out – I first met her five cameras ago! During 2015 I was tasked with photographing all of her four dogs, including new kid Doug, first as two pairs and then as a group. This is going to be a super long post because it’s the highlights from all three of those sessions.

First up were Riley (14) and Spencer (10). Riley is either deaf or has developed extremely selective hearing in his old age. I suspect the latter myself, he’s still got the whole cheeky terrier thing going on.

westie high five

west highland terrier on a rock

west highland terrier from above

Spencer was extremely shy and wary of new people the first time I photographed him so it was nice to see he’s come a long way since then.

smiling spaniel at the beach

I was warned that he would run into the water as soon as he was released so I got the duo shot done while they were both still dry.

two dogs on a rock

Next minute …

dog running on beach with ears flapping

spaniel mix playing at the beach

dog in rock pool

wet dog

Riley may be well into double digits and have arthritis but he’s still very mobile and fit for his age. I want to know his secret!

westie running on beach

cute white dog in water at beach

Next up were Flynn and Doug, the Kelpies. I’ve done a portrait session with Flynn before and he was also a model at the Zoomies Workshop that I taught at in Kiama. I knew he was a superstar and he didn’t disappoint.

kelpie with green ball


What I wasn’t ready for was the absolute ridiculousness of Doug. Talk about Mr Personality!

kelpie lying down with intense stare

smiling kelpie on sleeper

He had me in stitches the whole time.

kelpie in sand with leg raised

kelpie running with ball

To say Flynn is ball obsessed is a massive understatement. I don’t know how many times I had to try and hide it from him to get an expression different to his desperate for the ball face!

kelpie running on sand

I think these two win the handsome Kelpies competition, hands down.

two kelpies lying down

smiling kelpie portrait

While I was taking Flynn’s portrait, sillypants was behind me doing these ones!

kelpie being silly

So much good looking. Sigh.

two kelpies in a drop

Many many weeks (and a knee surgery) later we met for a Sunrise Session, with husbands masquerading as assistants in tow, to get the group shot.

four dogs on a rock at sunrise

four dogs on a rock at sunrise

four dogs on a rock at sunrise

After a little play with his pack in the water I got to play favourites with Doug. In my defence he’s the only dog in the pack that I’ve only had one session with so he deserved a little extra camera time, right?

kelpie on a rock at sunrise

After agonising over what to order Adriana decided to get the lot, plus a few extras. This is the wall collection …


… and this one will be printed on metal.


I posted an album flip through on my Instagram yesterday so I won’t share another one again so soon, but if you keep an eye out I’ll post the one from these sessions in the next few weeks.

If you need more Doug and Flynn in your life stay tuned because they’ve also signed up for my Tails of Sydney project and I for one can’t wait to see them again!

PS You might notice that the staining in Riley’s fur around his face and feet is pretty much gone in the group shots, which were taken about six months later. That’s not due to retouching (actually the early pictures have had the staining pulled back slightly to make them less severe), it’s the result of him taking turmeric tablets for his arthritis. He also had a change in diet to Raw for Paws but Adriana thinks the change in his fur is predominantly from the tablets. She was giving him Bioceuticals Thermacurin or Fusion Curcumin, depending on availability, not at the same time, one tablet per day.

I had the pleasure of meeting this fair haired beauty for the first time back in November. He’s a student of the awesome Glenn Cooke from Canine Evolution who very kindly recommended me to Buster’s owners. On the day I was scheduled to do his portrait session it had been well into the 40s and, while he would typically spend his days in and out of the house enjoying the air con if he got too hot, that day he’d spent a lot of his time outside. He greeted me with some excitement and a couple of laps of the fountain, but by the time I had my camera gear set up he’d lost all his steam and didn’t want any part of the photo shoot. I tried every trick in the book but eventually conceded defeat and made arrangements to come back once our schedules could make it work and the temperature was lower.

happy golden retriever with blue ball

When I saw how full of life he was on our second meeting I knew for sure that I’d made the right decision. Look at him go!

golden retriever running

golden retriever running

I joked on my Facebook page about him having a giant paddling pool but it’s actually a gorgeous fountain in the front garden. Unlike my water babies he doesn’t ever get in it to cool off, which made me wonder if he really is a Golden Retriever. I should sight his papers to make sure.

golden retriever dog trying to get ball from water fountain

golden retriever standing at water fountain

For a six year old dog he sure knows how to turn on the cute to get a delicious treat.

golden retriever dog with head tilt

It wasn’t all plain sailing on my second attempt, he did like to try and call the shots and took himself off to bed when he’d decided he was done. Nuh-uh Buster, that’s not how it works!

golden retriever dog in mutt hut

Buster lives in one of the nicest properties I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting at. There was no shortage of beautiful areas to work with.

golden retriever lying on verandah

smiling golden retriever profile

golden retriever dog with head tilt

golden retriever sitting on step english country garden

The swimming pool was no temptation for him. I can’t say the same for my assistant and I!

golden retriever dog lying in the sun by the pool

After the pool we made our way down to their private jetty. (I know, I’m not telling my dogs either!)

happy golden retriever on dock of harbour

Buster showed me his go-to trick, just in case I’d missed it the previous 87 times. It’s ok, I was shooting with a wide angle lens so I was close enough to not leave him hanging.

golden retriever dog with paw up at sunset

Buster’s session was a Christmas present for his best friend and rumbling buddy. This collection of photos (inspired by a spread in his album, which can be seen on my Instagram) will be hung in his bedroom. Which, if he’s anything like any other teenage boy I know, looks nothing like this composite.

sydney dog photographer custom framing

Thank you Murray family for trusting me to capture these memories for you. It’s been a pleasure working with you all.

You may remember Kara and Pepe from previous blog posts. These two (the twins as I like to call them) belong to the same owner. My favourite thing about her is she has way more foster fails than me so it makes me feel like owning four dogs is quite normal!

Hamilton and Thumbelina were born in foster care with AMRAA (whose own family dogs I also photographed last year). Kirsten fostered the whole litter and ended up adopting two. It was never her plan to own littermates but Thumbelina has some serious health issues so the longer she needed to stay in care for specialist treatment the more it became clear that she was already in the best home for her.

This is the first of two sessions that I’ll be doing with them (three if you count their Tails of Sydney shoot!). They were just five months old here.

Happy red husky

red husky with head tilt

husky giving side eye

red husky adolescent

smiling red husky with head tilt

red husky young female wide angle

As a vet nurse and very experienced dog owner, Kirsten is very aware of the potential pitfalls of raising littermates so she’s put in lots of work training these two, and boy does it show!

red siberian husky on a wooden sleeper

red siberian husky with front feet on a wooden sleeper

husky with tongue hanging out

silly husky

Would you just look at them posing it up like a couple of pros? I can’t wait to see what tricks they’ll wow me with at their next session!

two young Siberian Huskies sitting on a wall at sunset

husky twins

two silly huskies